Top 10 Worst Movies in 2018

Show Dogs
Show Dog is one of the worst humor I have ever seen. There is also one of the oldest movies in the movie that I’ve ever seen. A dog catcher This movie has a dog’s baby. It is also an incredible scenario that has hated me how to become anxious and uncomfortable. It was extremely stupid that the movie released in 2018, when people are more serious before it. This concept is foolish and dog comedy is also funnyly funny and it’s not different from being worse.

Robin Hood (2018)
Robin Hood I’ve ever seen is one of the worst action movies. Taron Egerton – An actor I admire he keeps absolutely unfortunate in performance. This movie is going back again with Robin Hood’s story. This is the worst of the worst Robin Hood products, and it’s a shame that my favorite Robin Hood is a parody of the film Robin Hood. The film does not realize that traditional stories do not work well in the movies today and they have become reliably a box office bomb. It sets a setting in which I have lost. The movie is very good at the same time and it’s very funny. However, it also has boring and fatigue to sit. I do not recommend

Fantastic Beast:
The crime of Guudeline
Dislike this movie, it disrupts the film, and Petraeid looks well with it. I hate the movie. The lowest of the movie – and there is one of them – none of them likes me. The edit is very uncomfortable and terrible, and it does not take 100% time when film hockets come back. There is no interesting visual look at the film and the director works bad. The role of the film is not interesting and zero growth. Johnny Depp was a film villain here.

I do not like Dave Jason. She is a bad actor and I do not understand why people like it. This film is absolutely horrible. In spite of seeing Marie Hard in this way, I compare both of them. The first half of the film’s picture is significantly boring and then in any way one of the oldest comics of all times changes. The film is absurd since then and has lots of plots. It seemed terrible and was terrible.

The Christmas Chronicles
This is probably one of my least favorite Netflix originally. People used to eat as a cut juice Santa. I did not eat it and I used to hate it as a Santa, while playing the craft juice. This Santa was annoying and the trip was not funny. The kids who came together both were very annoying. There are bad subsidies in the film and creative Christmas ideas that they do not do well in a while. I have not recommended this movie and will advise you to never see it in Christmas.

Sherlock Gnomes
Counted and Juliet sucked. This company clearly did not have any idea. Johnny Depp did not have a good year in 2018, and this movie was yet another thing that was a sign of his lack. The movie was fine in parts. I liked animation on 2D animation parts and everything was fine. The movie was that foolish frog, who wants to die from a terrible death. The movie should be 10 minutes long. The villain was a pie and that moment was beautiful, but the rest of the films was slowly slow.

Life of The Party
I was sitting in the theater. The audience was eating this movie – at least at the cinemas, when I saw this evil Melis McCarti comedy. I can find Macarthi funny in time, but it was definitely not one of them. They were extraordinary that I did not find funny and felt something like Vera Freel’s movie. And I Vera Freel also do not get too funny. The movie was predicted and boring and ill. Do not look at this movie.

The HappyTime Murders
Melissa McCarty has not recorded the best movie. Jim Hanson’s son has already directed some good films and he has not yet shown it. Puppet is good but this movie is not high. The movie is not so much so much for kids and it’s so wonderful now. It was not too funny and it monitored the film, so it’s likely to be worried.

The Meg
Ads were getting very paired due to this movie. The movie itself was nothing. Jason Satham has not made any target to improve this film. The film may be funny at this time but not by its comedy. Due to this film, the film can not be taken seriously, that the film is useless and there is no investment in it. The movie sucks and shows the results of box office.

A Wrinkle in Time
Disney made a massive box office bomb with him. The effects are very good in this movie. I like some parts and some scenes I appreciate. Pine and Red put in good performances. The movie is really shot very well and some shots feel unbearable when I should not be inevitable.

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