Access Networking of Cloud Computing

As an initial case, cloud computing access networks will have more and more worrying demands through which the user will get access to the cloud. The ability to access network to meet these demands will take a long way in resolving the focus of cloud computing as an option.

  1. Bandwidth
    Cloud computing is likely to increase the demands on the local demand network. As an initial case, new cloud computing customers must have some resources to upload their data to data centers while creating new applications. On this occasion, however, there is not enough bandwidth to support the use of this level in the access network. Since the terabyte range will upload loads for database for weeks, cloud computing providers currently recommend that users download their data at physical storage medium and one-night mail service (bolden , 2010). Finally, hopefully the network’s capacity will increase at the point where networks can be provided by itself on the network. Even after the data is being developed by a new cloud computing facility, the fact that local processing is now being done in the database, usually it means that the volume of traffic is high. And through this client is running. End user
  2. Reliable
    Access to a relevant concern is network reliability. Access network connection availability is inaccessible if it does not work correctly. Even when the application applies to the user’s hard disk and the data, the network’s absence can strictly limit the end user’s ability to produce productivity. When these elements are hosted in the network, failure of the network becomes a more barrier. In fact, Gmail,, and Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) and EC2 (Flexible Computing Cloud) have severely affected their customers affected by well-published services. High stock means that some customers need to demand that advanced up-to-date offers are offered to the access network.
  3. Service quality / network management
    At the end of finishing the locally-used services in the cloud, end users wish that the cloud to control these tasks as quickly as possible. As a result, cloud computing customers have to insist on service-level agreements that guarantee them at least the quality of service quality. These demands will likely be different from the company from the company. For example, financial companies generally require perfect transactions with students using Microsoft. In addition, these companies will need to verify the delivery time of each transaction after the cloud provider.
    The only way in which cloud computing system can help improve network service services, by taking advantage of multiple connections between two points. The Internet currently depends on protocols, such as the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to determine the path to a specific connection packet between domains. BGP is limited to the ability to manage multiple routes, instead of running all traffic with one way, rather than restricting the traffic balance. BGP, in addition, is controlled by the basic router instead of the user. A new architecture for cloud computing provides maximum potential for allocating traffic across many routes and allows faster recovery and network failure. It can increase functionality by ending the end user control over specific routes that they take from their traffic. Cloud computing also needs to provide the lowest quality service to the latest network management techniques.
  4. Minority
    For mobile users, cloud computing requires an advanced upgrade over traditional computing solutions. When software and data have to be on the end user’s hard disk to run a particular application, non-availability of network connection can reduce the end user’s painful and application functionality, but it must But this user can not stop generating users. When there is software and data in the cloud, however, in the absence of network connection, there are very serious results, effectively to prevent end users from running the application. Consequently, cloud computing clients have significantly access to network connections.
  5. Privacy and security
    Cloud computing requires a large amount of data that was previously not transferred to a company’s internal network via the access network. The fact is that these data will move out of the company’s firewall and it is different from the attackers who attack the workers who enable them to attack. In addition, the law maintains all the institutions

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