Alibaba Focus on Cloud Focus in Asia Pacific

The race for cloud dominance in emerging Asia Pacific areas continues, the new data center Singapore and Indonesia are constantly configured with Equinix and Ali Baba Cloud.

Equinix announced that $ 700 million has been invested in seven storage sites called SG4, which is expected to open its doors in the fourth quarter of 2019 and 1,400 cabinets are available in the first instance. The site name refers to the fact that this city will be the fourth data center in the state, with the SGG being constructed on the eastern part of the island, it will be pulled out of other sites.

The company said that “this will provide interconnect and premium data center services to help businesses with their IT transmission measures and measures to adapt cloud, while supporting Singapore’s digital structure.”

Meanwhile, Alibaba announced the launch of the second data centers in Indonesia, to increase its power in the country. This move, which was inspired by the ‘strong’ customer’s demand of the claim of ‘Ali Baba’, intends to give customers the maximum disaster maintenance capabilities and key switches. The company said that Indonesia’s market has been offered “a great deal of both local and international institutions” with “Better touch and fast growing digital community”.

Market evaluation across Asia is different. The fact is that there are different standards in this area. Singapore will definitely be considered at the top of the spectrum. According to the Asia Cloud Computing Association (AAA), the country was listed as the No. 1 cloud developed Asia Pacific country last year. On the other end, Indonesia sits Indonesia, which was 11 # out of 14 countries, with which international connectivity and sustainability had to face particularly poor marks.

In July, the IDC warned in an investigation notice that the majority of Asia Pacific organizations were on the early stage of their cloud journey, on the same day as ‘Orak’ or ‘stand-by-step’ measures. While Japan’s durability is that it has often been excluded from the DDC analysis, the company has assured that businesses need more consistent, standard, and cloud resources available.

Singapore’s ability can not be ignored. According to the network’s Enterprise Cloud Index – and as a computer weekly – significantly reducing the use of traditional data center in the coming two years of companies in the state planning company…


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