Apple’s macOS Catalina fixes Dark Mode

When Apple introduced a systematic dark in Macos Mozoji, I am happy, because I am one of those who are ready to surround their eyes and prepare to keep a cooling desktop.

But in the mood, the dark mode is a shining holiday – depending on the time of day, it was not the option to automatically shut it off. Support came into the form of third-party apps, but honestly, it should have the option to go.

In Catalina, in the next major version of MacOS, Apple stabilized it by adding auto-dark mode options.

As seen by 9to5Mac, this option will be available in the system preferences – General, where you will be able to choose your desktop appearance as a light, dark or auto. Once you set on Auto, the elements of your desktop’s different structure will be deeper in the evening and light in the morning.

You should have animated desktop wallpaper to look cool for Auto Dark Mode – Apple’s special wallpaper format, which also introduces Mozilla, which changes on daytime. With Catalina, Apple brings a new new dynamic desktop that shows Santa Catalina Island in California – but Katrina is not coming down. If you are extremely, though, some readydists have already uploaded it (in many formats).

Update: June 8, 201 9, 9:48 The original version of the MOCR article said that deeper mode saves battery life, but it will only work on a laptop with a OLED screen, in which per There are currently no MacBooks available. As using black interface color only will save battery life to iPhone, but none of these MacBooks.


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