Autos Here’s the Reason This Texas Course

Nearly anything goes at the week after week Friday Night Drags occasion sorted out by the Texas Motor Speedway. You can enter to race in a Lamborghini Aventador S, in a great Mini, or anything in the middle of as long as you pursue essential standards like wearing a cap — and not appearing on track day in an electric vehicle. The scene’s proprietors as of late restricted EVs from contending.

The Texas Motor Speedway focused on that it’s not apprehensive that electric vehicles will beat gas controlled models. It would respect the challenge between, state, a Tesla Model S and a Mercedes-AMG E63. It chose to quit permitting electric autos onto its drag strip because of wellbeing concerns. On the off chance that one bursts into flames, which isn’t unfathomable, the Speedway doesn’t have the gear required to put it out. Gas and diesel-controlled autos go up on fire as well, however those flames are simpler to douse.

“The purpose behind the prohibition is, in case of an accident and conceivable coming about flame, our crisis vehicles right now don’t convey the particular hardware required to smother EV fires. As I’m certain you’re mindful, regular quenchers are of no utilization in battling a lithium-particle battery fire,” composed Texas Motor Speedway representative David Hart in an email sent to Tesla fan site Teslarati.

Fundamental science clarifies the contrast between an electric vehicle fire and a cylinder controlled vehicle fire. The synthetic substances contained inside a standard flame douser are incapable against a consuming lithium-particle battery pack. The best arrangement is to either utilize a great many gallons of water, as indicated by Autoblog, or to give the vehicle a chance to consume until all aspects of it has been devoured.

Neither one of the options is perfect, particularly on a course. There are different dangers, as well. Electric vehicles some of the time re-touch off numerous hours after the shoot has been put out, and the high-voltage framework adds another visual cue to the rundown of perilous risks people on call need to consider. Managing a consuming electric vehicle requires a lot of planning.

Hart revealed to Digital Trends the Texas Motor Speedway isn’t against putting resources into extra security gear, and it could even make an electric vehicle class. Everything relies upon whether EV proprietors need to race.

“The option of an EV class to the Friday Night Drags lineup would depend, to some degree, on potential member request just as a cost/advantage examination concerning the extra security gear necessities. The points of interest of that examination has not been resolved right now. On the off chance that it bodes well, we’ll take a gander at the likelihood,” Hart let us know.


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