Best Songs of 2018

Best Songs of 2018


1. Lightning Strike – Judas Priest

This … * sigh * … while I think it’s good to make a classic rock band a return, and it’s definitely worth the top 10 … for me, this year’s Is not the best song I am sorry. I do not know it’s in number 1. This is a great song, I do not get it wrong. And this is better than that of the IIT outside this year … but to decide the song itself, it’s not really memorable, if I’m honest. This year, singing songs that I will definitely remember, and the next year I will get caught due to the right reasons. Unfortunately, at least for me, this is not one of these songs. If it was a list of 2018 best albums, I’m saying otherwise. But the song itself is not for me. People encountered musicians who troubled them. This is probably the only way to look at the 2018 look like a good year for music.

2. High Hopes – Panic! at the Disco

This is one of my favorite songs of the year now. The song is a lot of fun and is a great festival, and the message in the lyrics is amazing, it’s about your dreams. 5/5 –

One year of my favorite favorite song should be more than this year, but it’s a little newer than others. For the first time I heard this in the camp and I heard it more often, when I would like to sing. After seeing Kanwar’s hair, I enjoy it, making a song that is strong behind it, hips all the time at all times.

This song is amazingly well shot dead, but the album is not good, I like this song very much and it will make a list of the Australian year’s end. High expectations are very good.

3. No Tears Left to Cry – Ariana Grande

I’m not a big fan of Ariana Grand, but this song is a total jam. Jet Jackson was doing a memorable initial population of many items. This song is my jam. I love Grandland. She is very beautiful and beautiful and unique. I share his love for cute cat ear band. I do not know why people hate it. Many people say they spend very fast. People, please! She’s her song style! You have to appreciate the fact that it really works well in high cuts. This song should be # 1. Eri, love, girl! AA.

Wow, Ariana has done a great job with this song, great verbal performance and composition girl. 5/5

I like your voice

I have not seen anyone who likes you. Please vote for Ariana Grandma. People who want to be like you are encouraged.

4. Over Again – Mike Shinoda

Beautiful song with very personal, honest lyrics and an incredibly attractive hook. Shinoda developed himself well. Deserves to be at the top.

Mike (fate) After Chester’s neutral death, after continuing the music about his death, just after that boy, go to the touring and stuff. Rich hackback gridman. This song shows how to remember Mike and his best friend’s death is a grief. She has very deep and emotional melodies that are at the top.

5. This is America – Childish Gambino

I wonder that this list is very low. To enjoy this song completely you will have to know as well as music video that it is really going to be. Symbols and basic themes are on the occasion, with an explanation of the song of every mistake with the American Society. Try removing from childhood gabbano and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And the lyrics are just (only) those days standing on the rails in those days. I like this song as an old school ripper, and it’s the first time Donald Glover is listening.

Many pipes comment on how to have a modern and consistent message of this song, instead of traffic, drugs, and trophies instead of; but I love this reason for the reason. I got the opportunity to come home in the original sound of Hip Hop. You know that public enemies, tribes, tribesmen and others. Combined with a bowling bass base and jazz vocals in the production of bono and ha ha, talking about the black collapse in the American society, although I think the message is over, still the 90 maiis I get back to the medal, when I heard those old artists. It looks like half-screen is being restored as a new sub-genre to fight ATL networks and SoundCloud mumblers. Overall: 10/10

This song does not like another new song song about drugs, groups, or girls. This masterpiece is about a dark history and entertainment industry in America. – van 6 + 23

When you think it’s initially a child-friendly song, they listen to the lyrics.

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