Basic application
Instructions for applicants
2017 gnt round
Applications for the British Living Foundation Masausthalmoma Project Grants are invited. Reward will be decided in autumn / winter 2017.
1. Applicants should read the instructions prior to preparing this initial application, which should be made on the right British Living Foundation form, in which the ‘Available Research Grants’ section of the BLF website ( Will be downloaded from

2. Designated class applicants are later available for medical professionals, laboratories and / or epemology researchers for physicians of science or allies.
3. The BLF Mesothelium Advisory Group has identified several priority areas for this fund call. Applications should focus on improving (and therefore survival) treatment and to cure anger on Mesothelium and focus on old care. More specifically, the application of one or two top priorities identified by James Lind Alliance Mesothelioma preferred partnership ( Both should pay attention. The BLF Mesothelium Advisory Group has recommended that the second priority should be widely expanded to include individual / personal therapy. Therefore the applications should focus on one or both of the following priority / areas:
GL Preference 1. “Promotes immune system (using new agents like PD-1 or PD-L1) to improve response and improve survival rate for mesothelioma patients?”
JLA Preference 2. “Factor-based personal chemotherapy predictions likely to predict potential potential, such as histologology subtype or threshold synthesis, is one of the ingredients that can treat drugs like pneumaticx?”
Applications can focus on any aspect of identifying new goals for individual treatments and any development of intervention development to attack these goals. For example, identification of the coding drivers for a driver who depends on the development of the new agents capable of obstructing the way to spread mabolucoma cells.
4. Multiple applications of a principal investigation will not be accepted. Multiple applications of single investigation group are encouraged. The application will not be approved for other application based on the scientific content of this application.
5. Principal investigators must have a low position in the UK University or similar research institute or enter at least one at least individual individual as a partner. Principal applicants should have graduates working within the UK and should be experienced in research.
6. Applications can be included in appropriate prices of personnel, equipment and use where appropriate. The BLF does not normally provide for researchers’ expense expenses, but if travel budget is legitimate and is directly related to studying, then include a promotional note in this detail that support in this research How to use funds to help. . Budget is permitted to cover travel prices for study participants. All travels should be standard class only. Grants are available up to £ 200,000 for a period of three years. Applications from this amount will not be considered. In a moderate position, applicants can not supply any part of their own salary to meet.
7. A variety of 10 different points should be used to identify the size
8. The BLF operates a paper aid system. An electronic version of the application should be emailed as a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document, January 9, 2017, before heading on January 9, headed by Ian Jerrod, Please note that it is necessary that you send the application as a different type. All details should be included in a file and no further attachments will be sent. To meet the needs of the BLF email file size, the size of the electronics application file should be less than 3MB, wherever possible.
9. Late or incomplete application forms will not be accepted. Similarly, requests from applications requested will not be accepted.
10. Early applicants will be notified that they are short-term and will not be able to submit a full application or the mid-March 2017. Applicants will be given up to 6 weeks to complete and submit the full application form. Reward will be decided in autumn / winter 2017.
11. Accepting an award, successful applicants have agreed to be a member of the minimum duration, and plans to participate in the BLF’s Mesothelioma Research Network (MRN). The aim of the MNN is to encourage cooperation, in the UK Mesothelium research, organized by BLF, maximize the results and effects, and minimize the transit.



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