Your car plays a big part in getting cheap car insurance. Read to understand more about various car insurance groups and cheapest cars to buy and illness in 2018.

There are several ways to reduce your car insurance costs and choose a car in the right car insurance group in the list. This guide will help you understand factors that can be considered, check your car insurance group and explain our top 10 slow cars to insure.

What kind of insurance company is my car

While the general feeling tells us that there is a low cost of losing sickness than ferry, it may be a difficult thing to wrap your head around the vehicle insurance groups. Use our Vehicle Insurance Group Checker to find out which insurance group is in a vehicle.

Car Insurance Group – How various insurance groups work

Each vehicle group is ranked on the market as one of 50 car insurance groups set up by the panel (members of the British Insurance Association of Association and the Ledded Market Association). Insurance can also use their group system if they want.

Generally, low car insurance group number (1-50) will be cheaper – for example, the cheapest cars are more likely to insure cars 1 in the insurance group.

What factors are considered?

When the panel decides how to assign cars to different car insurance groups, consider the following:

Repair costs

Car insurance accounts cost a large part of the payment amount in the vehicle insurance claims. Logically, cost of repairing the car is considered before assigning a vehicle insurance group.

The time is considered to repair the vehicle as it will lead to high repair costs.

Cost of parts

The cost of 23 is also considered among the most common car parts. Low cost of parts, car insurance will be reduced. Section costs will be relatively low to achieve the best vehicle insurance prices.

Car Price

The vehicle is used as a new price to repair the car or repair it.

Car performance

The data clearly shows that high-performance cars that can reach high speed can potentially take insurance claims most likely. If the cheap car insurance is preferred, consider the speed and top speed of the vehicle. To learn more, read high-performance cars your guide on Infrastructure.

Car security

The cheapest cars to get sick will often be people with built-in security features such as alarms, high security locks, or ambulers, which prevent the car from escaping heat. The vehicle’s security rating is written by the letters below E, A, P, D. EE is for ‘over’ and ‘unacceptable’ in the category. Cars and E security will be likely to rank low and cheap car insurance groups.

Cheapest Cars to Insurance In 2018

To see ten ten at least in the vehicles to ensure that you can buy models of at least car insurance groups in 2018.

Nissan Micra

Depending on your driver’s history and other factors, the cheapest car can be the cheapest car in the year 2018 and is cheap to buy with a new look. While the mixture is only after the decades of the 1980s, its latest version wants to be according to keywords, with the models introduced in the Insurance Group 1.

Kia Rio

Is there a cheaper car for small families, with the models introduced in the Rio Group? Rio has acclaimed his coffee boot and low CO2 emission.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo is a favorite buggy because it was first introduced in 1975. Its new ceiling generation is just so famous in 2018, and the vehicle insurance group may be one of the cheapest cars to deal with with some versions.

Vauxhall Corsa Hutch Back

Her first reputation with young drivers, Corsa is a reliable and reliable supermini – the latest generation insurance group has two models (Stating and Life).

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiza is another old favorite, its first generation meets 1976. Its latest version is a good choice with the cheapest insurance for the vehicle, with its style trends in Insurance Group 2.

Hyundai i10

The second generation i10 is in Car Insurance Group 1, meaning that it is very cheap to illustrate more than previous models. Comes with the new Hyundai I10 1.0 liter engine and packed with fun features, it makes this first ideal car for young drivers.

SEAT Ibiza

The latest version of SEAT Ibiza has recently won the best buggy type in the car, influenced the criticism? Year award of the year and it is being admired that “everything should be a small car”. It should also be cheaper with the 1.0 liter S and SE version in Insurance Group 2.

Smart fortfour

Regardless of its two-seat cousin, at least identification is possible, Smart Forfour is another practical choice that should be slow for illness. There is a large number of other options that start in group 2 while the net version is insurance group 1.

Skoda Citigo

Scooby Sigo is in the car insurance group, which is a result of low and solid engineering. Squado Setogo is a compact, but a wide 3 3-door city car, designed to be easy to operate and park on the streets of busy cities.

Ford Ka+

Ford’s ++, introduced in 2016, is an update on the original model that became very popular until the end of the 1990s. The + Range Insurance Group includes models in 1 and 2, which are making a strong selection for those looking for a cheap car.

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