Cloud Computing Service Provider: Rackspace

This chapter is based on both interviews with IT Manager and available literature. This interview is with a large IT company with about 500 employees. In the chapter of the RexSpace we briefly reflect the company’s background. More importantly, we will discuss that security for them as a cloud service provider, what kind of services they provide, and how it actually works in the cloud. We will finally offer a small pricing review as it is currently in the Rex Space.

Company History
This organization is running globally and there are many offices worldwide, the main office is in Saint Antonio and has more than 3000 employees. In essence they are cloud service providers, three key services provide Sassa Passa and IAS. The company started with the construction of applications for end users, but later, they moved further service-based company. He saw the opportunity to host. In 1998, the organization began as host for other organizations. He later moved to the cloud computing in his journey of expansion and development.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is an important issue for security rexs, and is also important for the organization that wants to use cloud computing. It is at high level compared to the traditional IT security. Now the whole cloud is stored with its security-based servers instead of a database. On the other hand, what you are with security is the emphasis that people are in the cloud. You are giving your data as an organization and IT in the third party’s hands.
It brings us on the next chance of reliability. Some providers offer 100% guarantee time. This is definitely not acceptable. Each system is at the end of a special moment at the end. There are also accounts for cloud computing. This 100% uptime statement is based on the cloud infrastructure. Because when a server is known below, to run hard and software, it should be converted to another server. Therefore high reliability rate for cloud computing is compared to the reliability of the traditional IT system.
As we mentioned above, the servers can move through virtual machines. There is no dedicated server. We can confidently say that cloud computing is better than the traditional IT system. Thanks to this ability and easy-to-use scholarship. In some unusual cases it is possible that everything in the cloud does not perform fast. In this case, hybrid solution is the best option.
It is noteworthy that companies lose control when they give them in the third party’s hands. It depends on the type of service that depends on, and depends on the cloud offering of this course. The Cloud Provider should be able to standardize the cloud. To stop it in a lock. These types of issues are described in the service-level agreement.
As you now know, you pay cloud computing by pricing. It has proved to be cheaper than traditional IT. In the traditional IT system, investment in IT system is very high, that they can work with it very much. Although the use of this peak is used once and again only once. With Cloud Computing you do not have to pay for IT you do not use.

Security Measures
Their cloud is handled with a three-way combination. These three key security issues are: physical security, which is ready to maintain all access to the cloud and access all access to the cloud. Next is the operational security that saves access to important and important information in the cloud. The last system is security in which the client saves the system that uses the customer to reach the cloud.
Physical security practices many different measures. To get started, those places where cloud servers and data centers are safe to those who are only accessible to the company and only those who are confirmed to go there. Only technicians have access to these locations. This place is then protected with a camera to ensure that only technical experts are in their places. Automators only have access to places that are through fingerprint scanning technology. As Cloud Computing is online 24/7, there are jobs 24/7 to guarantee that no one can access those places without permission. They use security personnel to maintain overall safety of locations.
Operational security can be divided into two categories, for a customer, and for the infrastructure itself. Your security is maintained using their specific ISO standards. In addition, all the working workers have trained in security awareness. He trained on information security and privacy procedures. Apart from this, not all employees also have the right to access. Secret information is not accessible.

Five steps on the cloud
They use a five-step plan for a client to prepare themselves using cloud computing. This five-step plan is created at their point of view, so it is not the overall solution for all organizations that want to use cloud computing.
The first step states that the organization needs to be in need of its goals. They should apply to SMART rules. It’s specific, acceptable, applicable, relevant and timely. The specific meaning is that an organization should not have such as ‘IT fasting’ or ‘increase computing power’. The availability of unlimited extra computing power in the square on IT usage should be higher in its trend. The satisfaction is that you should be able to measure the goal. In this case IT can react to IT as an objective for an organization. It is acceptable that the goals are realistic. IT should not have any immediate response like instantaneous reaction. Related subject. This should be about this, for instance, there should be no purpose of customer relations. Time preparation stands for a period of time. The process of implementation should only be taken at a specific time.
The next phase, which is the first step, is also necessary to be a clear issue. The main thing is that you really want to move to the cloud, and you have already had the skills to move software to hard and cloud. Know that the cloud you want to move depends on what organization you want to do. You can put low risk / software in the cloud, or on the other hand, for example, with the highest cost IT. All this is not very smart at the same time, because in the beginning the knowledge will be reduced to use cloud. A better idea is to start with simple IT and later, when you know about cloud computing, apply the rest of your parts.
The third step is to decide which cloud service provider you want. They should be there to serve you, and you should not only be as a partner as a partner. They have to help you reach their goals because you will depend on your services to access your goals. Depending on the cloud provider, you should first research how the company is doing and how their history is. What is their service support, like their SAAA agreement etc. Already knowing this information prevents any unwanted surprises.
The next step is where you actually start implementing cloud computing in the current business process. The choice of implementing many institutions (as we have mentioned earlier) is a low risk piece of software. It is likely to use and use the cloud. There is no connection with it. There is no organization in the cloud to enforce more hardware and software when cloud shopping system has no problem. They can easily purchase more server space, and are not bound to the top they are at the top. It is important to evaluate everything in this stage though. Due to lack of knowledge and not able to work with it before it is the result of IT IT performance. But whenever an organization is ready, it means that they are able to work with the cloud, they can start working together with the cloud provider. After all your cloud is applied, you can determine where you want to make changes. Cloud works make it easy to make changes because there are no long-term promises
The last step is to include you to actually enter the cloud. Why use this technology to cause: Company expansion, you need additional IT and the investment will be very high, and less flexible compared to traditional IT. Small or inexpensive companies have less money and thus relatively cheap than purchasing IT at the cloud computing house.

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