These specialized organizations can be used only for Software as a Service (SaaS) of future storage as Service, Platform (PAAS) and Infrastructure Service (IAAS) service model. Is.

“Cloud Computing Service” means to enable access to accessible, easy-to——————up network access to integrated pooling systems, computing resources, websites, platforms, portals and software.
“Data” means any information, formula, algorithm, or other material that states, state employees, agents and end users can provide contractors according to this agreement. The data is included, but is not limited, in any prediction that the state (i) uploads to the cloud computing service, and / or (ii) creates and / or modifies using the cloud computing service. .

“Data brochure” means that any unauthorized access, destruction, use, data or disclosure of data contract terms and / or applicable state or federal law.

“Resolution target” means that below the identification time period, unless otherwise stated in the working circle, in which the contractor problem accurately evaluates and resolves the state’s acceptable degree Will do The timeframe starts when the agreement is informed about the issue.

“Software as a” shadow “service means the state-of-the-art software is used to run on the cloud infrastructure, and applications are accessible through a thin client interface with different client devices such as the web Browser


Post – Edit: Unless described in the scope of work otherwise,
A) The State will have access to the data through cloud computing services, after an effective date of termination or termination, after one (1) year data (“Transmission Period”). During transmission, the state will be issued without issuance of platforms and data, so that the data to transfer the data to any other service provider or in the format to form the state format Be allowed By state
B) Parties agree to interact with the duration of transfer for additional time. Such additional time will be confirmed if the parties agree between them.
C) Despite “A” or “B”, no data will be destroyed or deleted without providing written notice of State 90 days already.
(Contractor) According to the scope of work for any damages or damages, the state agrees to compensate for the contract failure to comply with this section of the state.
E) On contractor withdrawal or state application, after all the responsibilities in this section will permanently destroy any part of the contractor’s control or control of the data. Contractor will issue a written statement in the State State, confirmation of state disaster destruction.

Database: Unless otherwise stated in the scope of work,
A) After finding any data brochure or restriction of the basic agreement, the contractor will notify the contractor immediately in writing. The notification of the contractor will be identified: (i) the nature of the drug or unauthorized access, use or disclosure; (ii) data access, use or disclosure; (iii) the person who has access, use and disclosure and / or (If known); (iv) what the contractor will do or to do or control the council or illegal access, use or disclosure. And (v) the remedial action processor will be taken or taken to prevent future use or unauthorized access, use or disclosure.
B) The compliance agreement is required according to the state’s applicable state and / or federal policies and regulations, without the additional costs of the state, according to the notification requirements.
C) The contractor will have to repair and repair within the target target as set in the work circle to control cloud computing services. If contractor fails to provide acceptable solutions within the target, then the state can use its own option for damages or other cure testing under this agreement.
D) Contractor will always do all the time to ensure the availability of access to cloud computing services and data. As a result of this state, State Cloud Computing Services will not be prevented from accessing:
(i) scheduled recovery window;
(ii) contractor actions or exemptions;
(iii) actions or breaks of third-party companies working by the contractor;
(iv) Unlike hack, virus disruptions, disables devices, and other types of attacks that can stop access to the server’s servers, can be prevented and prevailing in such a manner that can be prevented and prevailing in such a hosted hosting industry. Is;
(v) Power expenses or other telecommunications or internet failures, such restrictions can be stopped by the appropriate and conventional precautions in the hosting industry; or

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