Cloud Data Integrity:-

Say you place a letter that contains some important infor-mation in a safe; you then bury the safe somewhere and Nobody knows about it. This information is unique in the terms of society (or IT security) – not security. But, if you were to keep the letter safe and send the address of the letter so that only the recipient can read the letter, you are sending the information safely. Now, if protected, interfaces can be interrupted, and there can be three situations: (1) the transmitter can capture or occupy the letter and it can be taken from you or the recipient, (2) The interpreter letter can read and its tractor’s own purpose to use its contents (for example, by stealing your identity or hacking in your computer’s system), or (3) The intervention letter can be sent and send it to recipient so that they receive false information. Data Integration – Sand aims to secure this communication channel or data to ensure that none of these three is present.For maximum data integration, three elements are attractive to saving one person (or user) data flow. End points need to be protected – it is that, data recipients and recipients must be written properly to know who they are, which means data; channel information

It is shipped to keep safe so that others are not easily reduced or false data can be sent by others. Data is required to be able to easily read a third party of the data. These three elements are not very special,And you’ll often find a combination of those three mega sections using the data to ensure three integrity.Therefore, we need to consider that data integrity ensures the use of encryption, to use checkchem to verify the integrity of its data, and ultimately avoid loss of overall data. Capacity for data integrity in terms of strategy.


To secure the channel, or network, when you use sensitive data while transmitting, you need to encrypt the channel. The data sent by this channel can also encrypt, but it is not often the case. Channels are encrypted using the certificate that allows sender and receiver to communicate on a trusted channel. Such a encrypted channel is known as a safe socket layer (SSL) connec-tion. When two parties need to communicate on a safe channel, the following handheld protocol is used:


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