Cloud Hyperscaler Capex

If you have to challenge the main cloud infrastructure provider, you will need some serious pockets seriously. According to the latest data from the Analyst Firm Central Research, Hybriser Cloud Capital exports recorded a record $ 27 billion (£ 20.1bn) record in the recent quarter.

The top five exporter of the industry is the top 10 with Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon, Albaiba, IBM,, NTT, and Tentant.

Google has terminated the quarter by announcing the expansion plan, including five new data centers and three subsidy cables. Two of these areas – in the Netherlands and Montreal – have already been commercially open, with the addition of further plans to extend Switzerland’s announcement announced earlier this month. Microsoft expansion plans in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Europe and the Middle East.

In the last five years in the big five months, $ 13 billion was spent per month, but the combined spend for this year’s Q1 has been seen that this figure is more than $ 20 billion.

It’s everything to collect. The recent financial results of the hyperpersis published last month have made strong growth throughout the round. According to serious data, Amazon has succeeded in maintaining more than 30% market in the market before Microsoft, IBM, Google and Alibaba.

Other trends come here in the game. Earlier this month, Amazon Web Services announced that the Variann chose the Seattle firm as its favorite cloud provider, which was putting bed for all operator’s aerobic property once, for the first time the service Before I was sold, in 2011, with the acquisition of a tractor mark. Last year for IBM.

An analysis analyst and research director, Jan Dennis, explained, “It helps to explain that IT service providers and Taloks have tried to compete against high cloud providers.” “The efforts for leadership in this market are companies need to constantly find a constant search of $ 10 billion per hour to meet the center’s investment in data, which is out of a large number of companies.”


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