Cloud Price and Price Model

The cost and cost of each writing is a benefit. Resource cloud services are not different. This chapter is known as the element and prices model using your cloud service, which uses this value for you to review the priced pricing princesses. (Price model is also referred to as pricing model.) To offset your payment cost for cloud service, you need to take a profitable advantage. This benefit can be estimated that prices can be considered in modules that may be related to cloud computing. Due to the value and value of the model model, you assessed the quality of cloud clouding services Price models provide a means of establishing the price that you pay in order to receive the value of a product or service. A cloud service provider will compute the costs of provi-sioning and operating a cloud service using a cost model. The cost model will then be converted into a price model. The type of price model selected will depend on the cloud service provider’s business model, marketing strategy, and revenue expectations. In order to compare cloud services in an objective manner, it is important for you to know about the various types of price models.

The cost model is a financial model that the cloud service pro-vider creates to find out how much money to outlay on a particular cloud service in creating it, operating it, and then refreshing it to newer technologies after three years. Three years is the usual life span of technology before it becomes outdated, and five years is generally the absolute maximum the cloud provider will have before replacing the technology. The cost model will include such factors as in-flation, exchange rate variations (if applicable), deprecia-tion, electricity costs (these can be significant because of the power and cooling required by a large number of serv-ers), floor-space costs, software license costs, labor costs, and capital costs to buy and operate servers.


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