Cloud sales:-

A cloud cell is a cloud that provides a specific, basic, function or service and works as a unit so its deputy sub clouds or cloud clouds can be reused. Based on the principles of cloud relations discussed in the previous section, you think about the cloud cell that cloud is clouded inside another cloud. For example, there will be a database cell that provides database server services, web

Server cell hosting internet sites, or email server cells. In other words, this cloud service does not have to be created for every cloud that needs it because you share the cell. Once you make a cloud service, you invest once – as a specific cloud cell – and then take advantage of it so that other clouds can use it. (Of course, many technologies include – how cloud cloud cell displays other cells to its services, how it presents its services to cells, whether cell service controllers Should be maintained by, and what should be used to move information to normal data models and formats

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