Cloud Security and Government:-

Security is comprehensive, not only your organization is accessible to the use of cloud services, but also services accessing their services, affiliate applications, and devices. Additionally, we understand the integrity and privacy of the data from the end of the end: user data center and user to the user. In this chapter we consider these issues and are also legal and compliance issues related to data and its usage. We extend this discussion to include the power of data and enthusiasm, because it is especially concerned about those

What Is IT Security?

IT security protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems and the data they store or handle from unintended use. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are often referred to as the“CIA triad.” These attributes of security have evolved into the follow- Confidentiality  Defines who can get what kind of in-formation. For example, companies would be concerned about protecting their intellectual property; individuals would tend to be more concerned about unauthorized ac-cess to their financial or medical records. Possession or control  Defines who and what systems possess the information or have control over its use.Possession or control  Defines who and what systems possess the information or have control over its use.Integrity  This refers to the information being cor-rect or consistent with its intended use.Authenticity  This refers to the veracity of the infor-mation’s origin or creation.Availability  This refers to having access to the infor-mation in a timely manner, when it is required for its in-tended use.


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