Cloud Storage Agents are Confidence in the Public Cloud

So far, articles related to cloud transfer are a dozen decades. You can easily find everything to change the elevator being talked as the best way to complete the elevator and transfer the project plans. At the face of the face, it is easy to understand the public benefits of moving the cloud to the enterprise application and the cost savings. Why does not your enterprise measure cloud and measurement, which increases your business, without the extra investment without the current investment in the current data center?

Regardless of where the company is in transition, there are several clouds that always see their ugly head. One of my favorite favorite favorites is, “We do not have to use the security / network tools in the cloud because we’ll never do these issues on the cloud.” To some extent it is correct (I do not have to encounter an error related yet. Card which causes issues with sub-set of my cloud positions). However, this does not mean that the issues related to the connectivity and endangered user interface of Connection Snippers have been subscribed. They just changed due to root and its diagnosis is now more difficult.

While Cloud facilitates supply and management of infrastructure, new challenges should be resolved before they can be fully deployed. Some side cloud tools can help, such as flow log or any of the infrastructure surveillance elements. But all these elements will cost because you broaden your environment.

The answer to this security challenge is that your hosted data in the cloud gets full exposure. Network engineers need to determine that they will gain access, exposure and control of their data before transferring enterprise applications to cloud because, once there, they are to evaluate these issues. Access to traditional tools used in the data center lose access.

Capture the packet on the rescue
In the Data Center, there are many proven solutions for network security that translate exactly in the cloud. In DC, physical chat points are used for different network and security services. This architecture has easily moved to the cloud, but it is now necessary to focus on a “logical” chakki points. Another key factor in the DCs keeps in the cloud “login everything”. Log in and login capabilities today in the primary solution at cloud space. However, when the packet packet is occupied, the clouds throw the physical world.

In the Data Center, the capture and analysis of the entire packet contains an important element in identifying difficulty performance issues or security risks. Like a full packet capture, your favorite programming is 24/7 running a 4-inch image image. They provide more detail than the application log or network flow. When a security team is trying to reopen the right figure again, which has delayed any application or is identified as delay, then it is not enough. So what should a network security team do?

How can anyone stay ahead of security violations or network matters, to understand each packing matter for the security and performance of your business? To get insight into this level in the cloud, you need three things:

The correct packet size of network activity, so that the security team can re-create events and see related packages for identifying it.
100% of packet traffic packages that will help to detect a risk or detect network performance problem in real time.
A network surveillance tool that copies packages of all sizes and types and offers complete exhibitions.

To get cloud packet traffic on your surveillance devices, IT teams turn into next generation cloud agents. These enable the most specific agent cloud device and detailed pack monitoring and analysis.

Because they are the residents of the cloud, continuous virtual network network traffic can be run on innovative agents in the Network Packet Seater or Analysis Tool. With cloud agents, users can get packed traffic from any public cloud provider and cloud computing resources.

Cloud agent’s technology packets are designed to filter and process; then divide this information into toolpiece and distribute tools and teams. Agent can send clusters to front scableable device to send traffic to IPS and DPI security tools such as tool locations, including any rubble IP address, and forwarding bankruptcy. Agent can also send packed traffic to your premises system by Express Route or Direct Connect.

Finally, cloud agents will be deducted on data transmission charges, while the life and utility of devices and teams have increased. It helps easily deploy flexible agents to apps and resources literally and help you maximize the data, access, view and control there.

Public Cloud provides incredible opportunity for your enterprise and right formula, you can get full pack capture, analysis and distribution using the cloud in the generated.


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