Cloud Storage of 2019, Free and Paid

In 2019, consumers and businesses are continuing the trend of reducing the need to keep online files and applications online in the cloud by backing up content on local storage hardware and infrastructure. Google data shows that interest for “cloud storage” alone has increased to 40x during the past decade.

There is a improvement in cloud storage provider, someone needs to choose a provider who will offer the maximum amount of low cost storage and bandwidth, while keeping your data safe.

This list represents our biggest tricks for cloud storage: Most free freer offers you to see if they are in favor of you before making any money with any hard work. Business users will need to consider carefully that the terms and conditions of their needs, as well as the quality of service are significantly different.

Below go straight to your desired option through the links of jumps.

Although some bandwidth limits apply, your files do not have any size, so you feel free to sync large media files with pCloud. Service is available for all desktop and mobile platforms – users can also log in through the web site. The company itself is registered in Switzerland with strong privacy regulations and you can also lock a single $ 4.99 premium password for pCloud corruption with individual passwords. Note that this is one of the very low cloud services that subscribes to a lifetime. With 30 days of crab history and unlimited remote upload traffic (you only need the URL of the file); You are expected – The downloaded link is restricted to traffic: premium plus package For 500GB and 2 TB.

IDrive offers synchronization of your files, even on those network drives. The Web interface supports files shared via Email, Facebook and Twitter. Cautious or click users will be glad to hear the files that have been removed from your computer are not automatically deleted from the server, so there is a low risk of removing significantly from the accident. Over 30 versions of all backup files are stored on your account.

For pictures, you have a clean face recognition feature that automatically helps you manage and sync them across all of your arranged devices. IDrive also offers a IDrive Express that sends you a hard hard disk drive, which allows you to quickly restore all of your backup files. This applies to the newly introduced disk image backup feature.

There is a business version and preferred support, unlike sign-in as well as unlimited users and server backups.

New Zealand based Mega Cloud Storage is one of Heavy Wights with an extraordinary generosity free freer and simple drag and drop interface. An easy-to-use mobile app is to allow you to upload files and photos as well as sync customers with desktop machines.

Mega claims that all data stored in this cloud is encrypted on your device before they reach the firm’s server. As the company has issued a source code in its compatible client, experts can see that there is no risk.

Price: 50GB free. For $ 600 a month (£ 4.50, € 4.99, around $ 750). 1 month for 1 tb $ 12 (£ 9, € 9.99, around AU $ 16). 4 tb for $ 23 a month (£ 17, € 19.99, almost a $ 30) One month for 8 tb $ 35 (£ 26, € 29.99, around AU $ 46).

Google Drive
Google Drive is a natural choice for Android device owners already connected, but users of other platforms also appreciate generosity free-free storage. You can also store high-definition photos on your mobile phone with fellow apps Google Photos, and use Google’s own Office Suite (now known as Gite). In addition, upgrading the Pad Google Drive plans is now called Google One (although it is not yet available, depending on the area).

Downsides include the fact that the web interface is not very easy, even though Windows and Mac users can easily download drag and drop files to a desktop app.

Price: 15GB free. 100 GB $ 1.99 one month (1.5 $ pounds, around AU $ 2.50). 200GB $ 2.99 for a month (2.35 pounds, around AU $ 4.10). 2 tb $ 9.99 a month (£ 8, around $ 13). 10 tb $ 99.99 a month (£ 74, around AU $ 130). 20 tb $ 199.99 a month (£ 148, around AU $ 260). 30TB $ 299.99 for a month (£ 236, around $ 426).

At the time, clicking on the ‘Business Projects’ box on your business plans is being emphasized as you click on ‘Price-up’, where you $ 15 per user (around $ yuan 11, around £ 11) You can benefit from advanced collaboration options and unlimited storage. But there is also 10GB free option.

As the box stayed around for a while

Next Cloud
The next Cloud Online Cloud Storage Provider is not itself, but provides free software to download and install the cloud storage service on your own server. Cloud storage is a fast use of a server on your home network. You can also enable encryption and make sure that never miss information about your home network, which is more secure.

If you do not have any server or IT experience, you can buy a pre-copyrighted next-click box (if you can find someone) that comes with 1 tb hard drive and syncing your data Cheap recycling will be done with PE board to keep. Unfortunately, next blanket is sold but you can check alternative on their website

Price: free to install and use. Storage rates vary while hosting themselves.

SpiderOak zero knowledge is part of a new trend of Cloud Storage Provider. The website claims that after you install the client your inquiry is encrypted before syncing. Unfortunately, since SpiderOak has not made the code public by the client, there is no way to confirm it.

The SpiderOakOne client is available for Android and iOS as well as Android and iOS (though, there are both Android and iOS reading apps, meaning that you can only see the files, and some up Can not load or sync). You can also log in through the web interface, but privacy lovers may not like to exclude spy-ups to your employees.

Price: 21 days free trial. $ 150 for $ 150 a month (£ 4.5, AU $ 8.25). $ 400 for $ 400 a month (approximately 8.4 pounds, AU $ 15). One month for 2 tb $ 14 (£ 10.7, AU $ 19.25). 5 tb ($ 22.1 pounds, AU $ 39.9) for $ 5 a month.

Drop Box
Free storage capacity: 2GB (expandable)

The drop-down is a free internet storage world-wide, with a web interface that is seriously and easily used.

Despite this popularity, the dropbox is one of the least free free packages for new users (only 2 GB), but without this place there are various ways to promote this place, to join Invite friends (you can get 500MB per reference up to 16GB), start guide (250MB) and participate in the drop box forum (which is given 1GB percent ‘Mighty Answer’).

The dropbox really comes when you start the service in additional features. Drop box is a collaborative mutual-powered device that works as a group group, and you can automatically backup photos if you install a desktop app. The file application feature also allows you to request another user to upload the file to your dropbox accounts.

There are apps for Windows, Mac and Linux, and Android, iOS and even for desktop apps to burn. This dropbox offers a wide range of appeal, such as third-party apps and services.

The drop-down web version allows you to edit the need without downloading these files, and the only thing that matters against the cloud storage service is that more alternative free users are more Provides space

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