Edge cloud computing is not the end – but natural evolution will be found as employees of the telescope, manufacturers and the morning of the new decade.
In fact, as McKinsey survey, as the mechanic survey has noted, most of the companies have adopted the cloud, the whole process is very high: “While almost all the respondents continue building the latest cloud programs. There is a clear difference between leaders. Over 50% of their processing work loads and poor (those who have moved more than 5%). ”

An enterprise cloud computing strategy is a common concern about the job of business. According to a study of logic logic, IT’s two-thirds experts say that there is security in this regard. When the decade becomes close, the industry will try to strengthen cloud security. The solutions to compliance with compliance and data control requirements will still be resolved to hold out of those companies which are still going out. In fact, according to the solution that answers to the data surrounding the question, it will be understood that which provides the highest response to the enterprise.
Although security responsibility is mostly with customers; according to the analyst firm, and the increasing quantities are deployed cloud display and control tools to reduce security failure. Machine learning, forecast analysis and engagement in artificial interview will sharpen the massive, highly distributed deployment – because they are more likely to manage and manage. Waterproof security does not exist in a computing environment. Nevertheless, the growing number of businesses will feel safe with cloud, will accelerate high adoption rate by 2020; Preparation of a way closer to adoption in the following decade.
Reimagined by cloud edge computing
Consider cloud computing and centrally-centered database centers, run thousands of physical servers, get into mind. However, this approach is one of the biggest opportunities for Cloud Distributed Cloud infrastructure. In order to operate businesses, the business needs immediate access to businesses and requires businesses.
Kanj computing guides the specific social processes that are removed on points in the network near users, devices and sensors from central database centers. The IDC has described “Micro Data Centers’ Mesh Network that processes locally or stored data and pushes all the data received to a square data center or cloud storage store. Which is less than 100 square feet.
This environment is very valuable for things of internet (ISO), as well as collect data and processes in a very real time. Instead of being a source of sensor data, this can only reduce the cost of connectivity by sending only the most important information. For example, sending sensitivity to the field of material can send and filter data prior to networking and computing resources.

The edge of cloud computing is not the end, but the natural evolution telescope, manufacturers and many organizations see that they work as early as the early 1990s.
Containerization continues
Containers, who enable developers to move software codes and easily move, become very popular. It is not going to change in the coming decade. Forester estimates that one third of the companies are testing containers for use in production; 451 research has been estimated that the market containers grow more than $ 2.7 billion per year in the market 2020 per year Will be According to the Cloud Foundation report, 53 percent of the institutions or in development or in production containers are investigated or used.
Businesses have more business converter levering containers capable of activating portable between cloud services from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, because they have their DOP strategy to produce their fastest software Strengthen the practice.
Hardware variants are making waves in the deployment of cobrnant containers using operating system-level virtualization. Vendors who promote serious non-practical answers in serious, will gain access to the market. The hype around the container is widely translated into the warehouse because it turns into the decade.

Computing without computing in popularity is increasing
Organizations have developed applications for some time and have posted them on the server. The server manages to execute a cloud provider code with less computing, only if it only acts when it is running the code. With this model, there is no need to worry about providing codes when entering the code and retaining servers. (“Server less” is a somewhat misleading term, because the applications still run on the server).
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