Cloud Types:-

Clouds can take shape of a deployment model. You can deploy your personal cloud as a private cloud. Dropbox is an example of the public cloud deployment model that can be used as files for personalized files. In this section we will consider the cloud and personal cloud as two different types of clouds.

Personal cloud

A personal cloud is described by its location instead Whether available on a joint basis or not. Remember It is a cloud or a single unit of cloud, and it is A private, public, or hybrid cloud may occur.

Personal clouds are iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox. An
example of private personal cloud is a network that has storage device that backs up your data; Apple’s airport time capsule, when it comes to more than one device.

Things cloud

A cloud of things is neutrality items, or things, as its
scope; That’s the cloud that works with things instead of people or organizations. For example, you can be the public lighting cloud, such as the road or car runs on the basis of the park license pay so that light is only available to those who have paid for it and around . So when the lights are in front of someone and when they leave, it runs on. It is alleged that the amount depends on their length Pay around it, and therefore the payment will be according to the use of light. This means light does not remain in the night and the taxpayer does not reduce the money.

The charge mechanism used per money can be provided by the
Chip and Pin Technology Agency, which is available with more credit and debit cards. Transfer information on the light of light and such things as bulb alternatives on the cloud of their COT (Cloud Goods) via GPRS1. Other applications of CloudWood will be for cars, homes, health surveillance equipment, domestic appliances and offices.

Cloud relations

One of the common topics you will find with hybrid clouds will be the cloud-based applications, or their services, clouds of cloud capable of porting from one component to another will need to share or integrate the data. Actually information sharing is not just special for hybrid clouds. A private or public cloud also provides work or services to other clouds of its work. But, for this, relationships are needed between the clouds or the cloud cells. It is again considered as an encapsulation, composition, and federation of dissatisfaction.


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