Cloud Web Hosting:-

Some of the characteristics of website hosting are (1) you have very little sense of the traffic; (2) the traffic can vary by time of day, week, or month; and (3) there can be bursts of traffic when a marketing campaign or a product launch occurs. These characteristics are in addition to the general requirement for infrastructure to scale as the business expands. The IaaS/PaaS cloud computing model is ideally suited to address these needs of web hosting because of its elasticity and usage-based pricing model.


The storage normally provided by IaaS or PaaS providers has built in redundancy. This means that if the individual disks that stored your data were to fail, you would still not lose your data since redundant disks would have the data. This type of storage comprises of redundant arrays of in-expensive disks (RAID) that are configured so that data are divided and replicated among the drives. In addition the disks are monitored so that should any disk fail, then it is replaced with another without any data loss. For a nontechnical person, and for small businesses, to install such a system locally is not generally possible because of the technical competence, monitoring, and configuration expertise involved. IaaS based cloud storage solutions are ideal since they are readily available, have usage-based price models, can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and can be accessed using any device. The data that you store can be media files (image, audio, video files, etc.), information relevant to you (your passwords, financial in-formation, or asset information), correspondence (emails or letters), and general files (pdf files, spreadsheets, etc.)— indeed files that you need as a matter of course. Most com-mercial offerings for storage are Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3.


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