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You use cloud storage to save and keep data. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is used to work on and complete specified projects. Cloud computing is linked with cloud storage in that you have to move data to the cloud (cloud storage) before you can make use of cloud computing systems. Once the data is moved to the cloud, however, you or someone else can process it into useful material and send it back to you. An example of Cloud Computing is Software as a Service (SaaS), where you input data on software and the data is transformed remotely through a software interface without your computer being involved.

Cloud computing is gaining ground in the digital and business world. This is because of its numerous benefits. It ensures better collaboration, transparency, efficiency, and innovation in its solutions. It also reduces barriers to communication and gives you access to a wider audience, including customers and contractors.

Some distinguishing factors between cloud storage and cloud computing include:

Cloud computing requires higher processing power than cloud storage. Cloud storage, on the other hand, needs more storage space.
Cloud computing is essentially targeted towards businesses. Cloud storage, on the other hand, is utilized both for professional and personal reasons.
Cloud storage is simply a data storage and sharing medium, while cloud computing gives you the ability to remotely work on and transform data (for example, coding an application remotely).
These are the essential differences between cloud storage and cloud computing systems. In as much as they are interconnected, they are different concepts and shouldn’t be muddled up.

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