Current Value of Cloud Business Intelligence

There are many evidence that would like to support cloud business intelligence in 2018. For example, it is going to be the level of adoption in 2017 in 2016. In many companies who have moved their sales and marketing system, Cloud has said that their work load in this sector is loadloader by Cloud BI. According to the study of Dissertor Advisory Services, technology (54%), financial services (62%) and education (54%) are the highest sectors to adopt cloud BI.

When we talk about business intelligence, Disassembly Advisory Services describe its ability to include reporting and questioning, data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP), advanced analysis, performance review For viewing dashboards and AID-hack questions and current status of cloud BI, we continue to continue the current issue.

Retail and Wholesale, Technology, Financial Services and Insurance Cloud BI are required:
According to the rank of the importance of Cloud B, the region has the highest weight means interest in 3.8 B in cloud. Was financial services. Those organizations who are dealing with technology, half respondents have called Cloud B as “very important,” or “delicate”, when 90% respondents tell that the cloud comes to retail and wholesalers. BI is “important” for them. Cloud use is at least the open industry healthcare industry where business intelligence is not used.

The majority of people who are considering to go for Cloud B make an important part of their analysis. This study carried out by the Dissainer Advisory Services, it was found that emotional meaning reached the level 2.62 to 2.63, which is above the “important” level in one year’s case. As you look at areas, the Asia Pacific Corridor is the largest cloud computing propulin when you see 4.2 adjusted meanings that are “very important”.

Sales and Marketing Transfer in Cloud B:
Executive management and sales and marketing are those that take place in the year 2018 with Cloud B. This development is an important factor because executive management and sales and marketing rely on the front office apps that are cloud-based, cloud to generate data used to track progress.

Cloud hanging 2016 in 2018 doubles the level of adoption:
Answerers who use Cloud BI in 2018 have reached 31% to 49%. In the same period, the percentage of respondents who had no plans to use cloud B fell from 38% to 19%, which is almost half in the previous level. This shows the growing interest in adopting cloud technology.

Sales and marketing is the leading department in adoption of cloud applications:
After sales and marketing, the following major fields are operations like chains and manufacturers to use cloud BI. BCC (Business Intelligence Competition Centers) is the second after sales and marketing. These two departments have the goals that are limited in time and are useful for the company’s development and participation in success.

In the year 2018, cloud BI needs most of the requirements:
Sales and marketing goals require real-time feedback on programs, key aspects, and progress. Some of the essential features include advanced image features and dashboards usage. This feature shows the need for consistent real-time feedback on the purpose that the team has set. Reporting, closing user data composite, and next-level key features in data search.

Increasing interest in features of cloud BI:
The manufacturer’s area has the most interest in advertising hack, dashboards, search interface, production reporting, and location intelligence. When you go to the education sector, it combines advanced approaches, data mining, collaboration for group analysis, data act, data list, and closing user data. I am more interested. For the financial sector, respondents are interested in service and innovative ideas. Finally, there are health care and retail and retail and wholesale industries of the least interested areas featuring any of the features of the cloud BI.

Interested in Google Analytics connectors for cloud BI apps:
Contacts and Self Force Force Integration are the priorities of tech industries. In education, they are more interested in connectors and Google Drive integration and MySQL. In the field of manufacturers, they are more interested in Surveyomic, Google AdWords connectors. In the health care industry, SAP Cloud BI and service is now the preferred priority in connectors.


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