Different Types of Cloud Computing

Google and Yahoo’s web-based email services, Carbonite or Mozizom backup services, AOL, Google, Skype, Vonage and others from Salesforce.com, instant messaging and voice services such as customer resources management applications. All of the applications are cloud. Computing services are hidden behind another layer of reflection to make users easy to finish, who want to give them the power of the latest computing power, but they do not know how to do it. .

There are three basic types of cloud computing:
Infrastructure – Service as a service – provides grid or cluster or virtual servers, networks, storage and system software designed to enhance or modify the entire data center functions. Amazon’s flexible computation is cloud [EC2] and simple storage service, but IBM and other traditional IT vendors also offer services, such as telecom and more provider visa business.
• Provides Platform as Service – Virtualized Server on which users can run existing applications or develop new systems without worrying about maintaining operating systems, server hardware, load balance or computing capabilities. Can do Advanced profiles include Microsoft Azure and Salesforce Force.com.
• Service as Software – Cloud Computing is the most widely known and widely used, SaAS offers all the functions of a modernized traditional application, but through web browsers, locally Not installed application. CASEAP eliminates concern about general concerns about servers, storage, application development, and relevant. The highest profile example is Salesforce.com, Google’s Gmail and Applications, AOL, Yahoo and VoIP with Skype and Instant Messaging and Skype. According to critics, there are many reasons why cloud computing does not want to be used because of it.

Cloud computing arguments are easy: Get the latest data center services on demand, the amount you need and pay for it, with the capabilities you’ve set up with the seller, in which you want Can add or decrease with
However, if someone else has a basic infrastructure, you do not need the performance of your data and your applications that you may need, to audit or modify the process and policies Do not mention the ability. Any competent users have to work.
Due to lack of software sales, due to lack of management tools, this market is going to be rushing to market, but its product set is quite young.
According to Chris Wolf, the Buttons Group’s Virtualization and Infrastructure Analyst, and compliance with HIPAA, head-box and other federal regulations- and, more importantly, to perform auditors – is extremely difficult to cloud .
“When you are talking about the breakdown, at least some publicity in this platform, HyperWiser is using you, if not behind it in hardware,” says Wolf. “Cloud is not a full-size solution. You have different flavors of SAAS, Amazon EC2 and other infrastructure services that treat data in the rest [data storage] and motion. [Appliances using motion In connection or communication). This is a big problem. ”

The owner threatens to losing data through proprietary formats, can lose control over the data because of which the council is using it or who can see which network Walks on is incomplete, or can lose confidence because they do not know when data is considered about or how, says Wolf.


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