Drawbacks of Cloud Computing

The clouds are far more than just legal issues; According to Enterprise Strategic Group Analyst Bob Lieberman, there are also technologies.

“We talk about Wikipedia that it is difficult to manage an environment where your applications are hiding and finding and your hardware is lying to you.” “It’s even more with clouds. You have to try to manage someone else’s hardware that is lying to you.”
Lalbert says no one involved in cloud computing is “cloud”. All CAS and infrastructure providers use different technology and different standards, meaning that every vendor relationship is different. You can not just make an application or business process tool for “cloud” and be ready to go.
According to James Staten, a data center analyst for Forex Research, you can not just move the applications on the cloud and expect them to run, with the best virtualization technology.
Any major corporate processing needs to be at least the same work to move to the cloud environment that transmit new virtual or physical servers to the same work from its existing servers, including network and storage resources. Re-adding related contacts is also included. .
Lalbharr says that after the burden of work, the use of a completely different set of often used sources of detection, which is completely united with the company’s current administrative applications. Lalbelaar says that IBM, HP, BMC and other data center system management vendors potentially manage cloud management to try appealing to customers.
“Many CIOs are interested in internal clouds,” he says. But they are performance issues and security in the cloud environment. ”
Virtualization leader, Vivier is also spreading in the clouds, on the basis of its technology, the strategy is based on the most tactical strategy that companies should be able to associate all these IT assets in “internal clouds” Along with VMware Virtualization software is based on software.
Both the abilities and the desire to go along with customers as well are in question, agreed with Wolf and Crawlery.
The best use of clouds will be able to move the specific work load of internal servers to the cloud when you expect spike in demand, take it back to take advantage of the cloud provider’s additional capability. Will, when the hurry ends and only the resources you use for it, Staten says.
Staten says “we are a long way to be able to do so.” (See rid of cloud computing nine matches).
CEOs on the leading edge of adopting the cloud say that the use of external cloud can be understood, but such metric and strict controls are more important than the common internal environment in the cloud environment, especially because There are few controls in the cloud. Computing relationships recommend this list of problems to go before deciding to use and use cloud cloud services, use, and how to use it. Although the cloud computing intends to be easy, delivery effects and mechanisms are often more complex.

Staten says “is often more than people,” says Staten.
Depending on what you want, even basic applications or infrastructure services are different providers, but their value and specific offers vary. There is often a conflict over how to estimate the cost of cloud computing.


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