Dynamic Database Publishing

Animated database publishing is different from its stable counterparts that require dynamic publishing to use specific parameters or keys to find a database in real-time. Then when the required data is received, a web page is designed for the use of a web page. Dynamic database publishing also requires Javascript, CGI programming, ISAPI, NSPAP and more. ColdFusion MX, Lasso, and WBSP are some of the popular popular server server software used to change data database into animated web pages.
Animated website can be an online store with a list of convertible products so that when a customer request a request, a database can not only provide products, but also the current price, color, size and availability. Car dealership, real estate, and avenue (online magazine) sites use dynamic data.

Figure 21: It has become a web site based on graphic databases when a common conversation between a customer’s PC and a website shows.
Dynamic database publishing requires that the website can be created on a database based architecture so that websites can create web pages that should be answered immediately to the customer’s question. This means that it is difficult to use such sites and compare with static database publishing techniques because they require more information about you and / or your staff. Needs the capabilities. There are also other organizations to build a web based business around dynamic database publishing. These include:
• Unless you carefully designed and maintain a good maintenance system, a large volume of traffic on your site can cause data traffic quick and performance problems.
• Web server needs additional features to support dynamic database publishing. For example, in order to create animated pages, your web pages should be able to communicate with a supported program, script, or apple and need help via a web server, for instance, CGI script, ISAPI, NSP, SSP, PHP or GSS (for more information on these modes, please see table 5).
CGI Common Gateway Interface
A standard way to increase web server functionality. CGI Web server works on performing programs or scripts when a web browser is received. CGI helps you create web pages that can back up customer input information by calling a scheduled program or pearl script to access database or other data sources. However, the CGI is inactive, because the server serves a new process to run the program capable of causing server servers. If you have a lot of traffic, your site will be performing. Still, CGI is a test and real interface and is the most common way to connect to web servers. An example here is how CGI can work: Web browser sends form data into a CGI script on a web server; integrates data with script database, and HTML results page Sends
ISAPI Internet Server Application Programming Interface A web server application development interface that can be used instead of CGI. NSAPI Networks Server Application Programming Interface Web server application development interface developed by Networks Communications Corporation.
ASS Active Server Page.
It generates web pages with an ASAS extension using Microsoft Technology ActiveX script (usually a VB script or script code). When a web browser requests the ASP page, the web server generates a page with the HTML code and sends it back to the browser. SSP pages like this are found with CGI scripts, and are commonly used when Visual Base programmers must be able to work with familiar devices.
JSP Java Server Page
The Sun Java Server Page (JSP) technology controls the content or appearance of web pages by using the servers (users requested before the web pages that are specific to the web page and on the web server to edit the web server. Before sending) Compare GSS compared to the Microsoft Active Server Page (SS) technology.
Php hypertext parade processor
PHP is a script language and translator that is freely available and is mainly used on Linux Web servers. PHP (originally known as “Personal Home Page”) is the alternative to the Microsoft Active Server Page (ASP) technology. As a sSP, the PHP script is embedded with HTML inside your web pages. The applicant asks PHP to interpret and perform the operation called a web server php script before sending the user to the page.
While the dynamic distributor publishes offers more features than static database publishing, thus creating a lot of time and effort to build this website. Still, if you have content that will change often (for instance, a news site, auction site,



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