Ecommerce Solution (Commerce Servers)

Commerce server is web servers that are supporting with some business activities. Commerce server platforms may be expensive ($ 800 and above), and mostly there are nothing except plugins and games. However, they may be the best solution for any medium-e-commerce business because they offer full eCommerce platforms in a package. By keeping a commerce server in the helmet, the rapidly growing web business can quickly penetrate or eliminate some common ecommerce issues such as performance, scholarship, and integration problems.
Commerce server platforms provide various services in which:
• Engine of transactions, payments and personalities.
Tax and currency calculation capabilities.
Workflow automation.
• Content management software.
Database and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration modules.
• Property and open application servers.
• “800” number phone support integration with customer service offer.
• Smart cataloging.
Although business servers have come for a long time in the past few years, do not support anything like previous orders or agreements that require purchase at a specific time. Property architects often make it difficult to customize some business offers, and backup and integration issues require a custom code for each legacy that needs integration.
Most products do not require modular rectangularity to meet the needs of the web based businesses, scheduling, and integration. However, it is being said, unless you have resources for writing your own software, you will be forced to buy in a business server solution, “to cool the technology.”
This is a bad news, now for some good news. There are some good commerce servers on the market. Here’s a taste that is to present a modern business server in today’s market.
Edition eCommerce Server ( This trunk solution features all components needed to start a comprehensive online store, including features of a browser-based product list manager, shopping cart, online layout, and wide payment, security and order processing features. Included. Additionally, products can easily be dimmed to support unlimited number of products. It also provides affiliate program manager and custom currency options. At the top of this, the support for template catalog designs for unlimited series of admin e-commerce server and shipping schedule, list of templates, stock surveillance capabilities, “quick search” capabilities, pre-configured payment Using the provider options, and support.
B. Web Folk Commerce Server ( Based on Java and based on the open-quality, the BA WebL Commerce Server e-creates the functionality of the box-off commerce out of order to develop with the necessary scholarship and eligibility for business operations. It also makes the development of portable and extensively easy applications, and provides interoperability with other applications and systems. In addition, the latest version of WebLogic Commerce Server includes the WebLogic presentation server with the Portal Framework, which enables a web business that creates applicable eCommerce applications that make customer communications private. Is.
Chapter eight Commerce Server 2003 ( Enables this product to be commercially secure, strong, and efficiently efficiently converted into business. Its key features include the ability to safely manage credit card transactions, to track the orders of the sales order to track orders through the order management system (or attached to the current order management system). Online order..


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