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Learn the difference between web design software and ecommerce software. Web design software (usually referred to as “HTML editors”) gives you basic tools for designing a website. Only readers of brokerizer site or email order processing path should consider using this type of product. For those readers to take one of them in e-commerce, one of the following products should be sufficient:
Coffee Cap HTML Editor ( This software also makes it easy to create any web site. It comes with magicians for over 40 website templates, 125 JavaScripts, a DHTML menu builder, multiple graphics, frames, tables, forms, fonts and more. It also provides helpful and easy-to-follow documentation about using the software. Price – $ 70.
EZGenerator ( Working with this software is almost as easy as working with an easy processor. Bus, select, drag and drop your pages to build your website. This product provides 2000 template variables so you can change and feel a simple click on the mouse. It also creates your web site navigation automatically (almost well) as you create new web pages and categories. Price – $ 100.
Hot Dog Web Editor ( This is one of the most popular HTML editors. Hot Dog Pro 7.3 provides a wide set of Web editing tools, including Linkbit, Interactor, and Paint Shop Pro. Thus, Hot Dog Pro provides web designer with complete tools for the creation and management of a professional website. But it still offers intuitive features and customizable tools so that the user can also create a better looking website. Price – $ 100.
Microsoft Front Page 2002 ( If you are a web designer for the first time, then it may be a product for you. Front Page 2002 can help your web site run smoothly and faster, especially if the designer is familiar with the Microsoft Office Products suite because it uses a few buttons and commands. WYSIWYG (What you have to do) is the interface invoice because you do not really need to understand HTML code and script. This trunker product also makes it easier for DHTML effects to include (demand change is also very easy). This product also includes a display form, which includes forms for emails and guest books. The main problem with Frontpage 2002 is that if you are not hosting your own website, you may have to work hard to find a web hosting service which allows Front Page to extend. . Price – $ 150.
SiteDesigner 2.0 ( SiteDesigner is a WYSIWYG website’s imagery, it has drag and drop editor. It makes SiteDesigner very easy to use. Once you set a master page for your site (using templates that are included with the site descriptor or using your own images), then you create every web page This master page features may be inherited. SiteDesigner creates extremely clean HTML code (Some WYSIWYG editors include very unnecessary code, which means pages are difficult to cope with and load for longer). Price – $ 100.
Stone Webwitter 3 ( This Honorable Denmark Non-Nonsense HTML editor offers easy-to-use dialogs, right-click editing, code completion, and highlights syncing so you can design your website without knowing HTML Are there WebWriter is for professional and initially. With WebWriter you can build javascript, jacket style sheets and photo maps. Cost – free (private use) up to $ 800 (a large entity for which unlimited license is required).


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