Figuring The Corsair M55 RGB Pro Ambidextrous is Lightweight

What do you truly require from a gaming mouse? In the event that you separate it to the absolute minimum, most need a lightweight gadget that can suit their specific image of grasp and an exact sensor. That is truly what the Corsair M55 RGB Pro is intended to be. In spite of the fact that it dabbles in fancier highlights like RGB lighting and programmable catches, it does not have a ton of the fancy odds and ends that increasingly costly mice accompany.


The most prompt and seemingly significant part of the Corsair M55 RGB Pro is that it’s an able to use both hands mouse. That implies that it can work similarly also for left and right-handers, and it suits a wide scope of hold types. I utilize a marginally off-point finger grasp and observed this mouse to be an ideal fit for my specific image of hold. Driving my digits into an increasingly average palm or hook hold created comparative outcomes, in spite of the fact that I would envision that those with bigger hands or longer fingers may discover this mouse a bit on the little side.

The M55 stays agreeable over significant lots, and I never had a craving for anything got in my manner, yet solace is one region where this current mouse’s low $35 cost can be felt. The thumb holds on either side carry out their responsibility of giving you additional rubbing to avert slipping, however they aren’t delicate to the touch. They aren’t awkward, however where increasingly padded elastic grasps let your digits sink into them, these vibe more unpleasant and less expensive.

It is anything but a gigantic inconvenience to the manner in which the mouse feels while being used and you rapidly overlook it in the warmth of advanced fight. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need a rich, padded gaming mouse, the M55 isn’t it.


This mouse utilizes the Pixart PAW3327 optical sensor which was grown explicitly for Corsair and offers a wide (and strangely explicit) affectability scope of 200-12,400 specks for each inch (DPI). That is more than most will ever require however gives a lot of extension to changing to higher sensitivities in-game turrets — or for those with restricted development.

The powerful sensor feels exact and responsive during use with incredible following over various surface sorts. It could be excessively touchy however. I found that when lifting the mouse the sensor would keep on following at just about 33% of an inch over the mouse tangle. That is not something you’ll see in normal gaming in the event that you have a huge enough mousing surface, yet in case you’re gaming at especially low sensitivities or have restricted space to play in, that could demonstrate risky.

The general lightweight plan (86g) of the Corsair M55 Pro RGB however, delivers a strong gaming background. It followed well in shooters, RTS titles, and progressively loosened up puzzler games with no glaring examples of mis-clicks or overshooting our objectives. The principle left/right switches felt somewhat supple, which is an amazement considering they originated from the profoundly appraised Omron. They are appraised for 50 million ticks however, so despite the fact that they aren’t the best we’ve at any point utilized, they should keep going quite a while.

This isn’t a mouse that is planned in view of huge amounts of tweaking, yet there are alternatives there on the off chance that you need them. The 900MB introduce for the Corsair iCue programming feels blundering for only a mouse, however it can give customization choices to any Corsair item you have introduced, RAM notwithstanding.

With the M55, you can change the RGB lighting of the logo and DPI pointer — the last of which is valuable on the off chance that you like to go through sensitivities mid-game. You can likewise change the capacity of any catch other than the left-click for single directions or macros.


The Corsair M55 Pro RGB is a good small gaming mouse. It has a pleasant sensor that is imperfect yet functions admirably generally. With a generally speaking agreeable and superbly comprehensive structure, this is a mouse that anybody can utilize and appreciate. Particularly at its sub $40 cost.

On the off chance that it were contending solely against other Corsair items, this would be sufficient to give it an awakening support and recommend it as a phenomenal spending gaming mouse. In any case, it’s not gaming in a vacuum and a portion of the challenge out there at comparative costs are positively better. Steelseries astounding Sensei 310 is inside a couple of dollars of this mouse. Its similarly solid, more section level, Rival 110, is significantly less expensive.


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