Forex Tips-4

. K.I.S.S. Keep this simple appetite, it is not always better complicated.
62. Time is especially important in Forex trading.
63. Time Forex Forex Trading is everything. The correct direction of the market determines only a part of the trade issue. If the entry point is someday, or sometimes even for minutes, it may mean the difference between a winner or a horror.

64. A “Buy and held” strategy does not apply for foreign currency trading
65. When you open an account with broker, do not decide on the amount of money, decide on the extent you should trade. This approach helps you to protect your award, and help avoid avoiding Las Vegas. The experience shows that for a long time many people earn money.
66. Jet down with a notebook carrier, and interesting market information with you. Open the market, write about the price, you fill, stop orders and write your personal information. Read your notes again from time to time; Use them to help analyze your performance.
67. Do not count profits in your first 20 trades. Follow the percentage of wins. Once you know that you can choose the direction, use in your stop can be multiplied with multi-platform trading and variations. In other words, now there is a serious time about money management.
68. “Rome was not made in a day,” and there is no real movement of importance in one day.
69. Do not miss multiple
70. There are two accounts. A real account and second demo account. Learning does not begin when the real dollar begins. Use demo account and use it to test alternate trade, alternative stop etc.
71. Patience is not only important for waiting for the right trade, but trade is working.
72. You are definitely not if you feel anything.
73. Technical analysis is a study of market action through the use of charts for the purpose of predicting future price trends.
74. Chart shows rapid or psychological psychology in the market.
75. The whole goal of charting market price action is to identify trends in the initial stages of their development for the purpose of trading in the direction of these trends.
76. Fundamentals study due to market movement, while studying technological effects.
77. Strangers’ increase in general is in the strongest economy and increasing inflation. Reduction in falling prices is generally alarming that inflation is decreasing in the economy as well.
78. Long-term trade value in the area of support or resistance, becomes the most important part of this area.
79. There are three decisions facing traders – they will say – long or short. When the market is growing, the best strategy is better. When the market falls, the second approach will be correct. However, when the market is sacking, the third choice – remains out of the market – it is generally wise.
80. Channel lines measure the effect. Once the current price breaks out of the channel, the prices generally travel at a distance equal to channel width. Therefore, the merchant can only measure channel width and then point out that point To attract either trends break.


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