Forex Tips

Forex tips
111. Most testers buy a driver signal, works best at higher prices and are very profitable in the screen signal signals. The market start-up location always determines the general trend of the market. Screenshots can be used at the time that time will help enter the market.
112. Minor pay attention to the fireworks in the initial stages of an important move, but the move can be reached to sustainability to overcome its indication.

113. The best way to combine technical indicators uses a weekly signal to determine the direction of market market and daily signals to fine tune entry and exit points. The daily signal only follows when it agrees with a weekly signal. (Daily weekly, 4 hours daily, 4 hours -1 hours).
114. Failure to rapidly respond to news in an enhanced area is a clear warning that one turn can be closer. Prices failures can be taken in an unusual area to bear the news as a warning that all the bad news at the present cost has been completely discounted. Any sharp news will raise prices.
115. Evelyn Wave Theory – A full bull market cycle is made of eight waves, after five waves, three waves of waves.
116-Lite View Theory – A trend is divided into five waves in the direction of a long trend.
117-Elite Watching – Reforms are always in three waves.
118-Elite Wave Making – Waves can be extended long waves and can be divided into small waves.
119-Elliott VVV Theory – Sometimes an extension of continuous waves. Then both should be equal to time and intensity.
The 120-Ellite VVV Theory – The Flangxy Configuration is the mathematical foundation of the Elliott Weave theory.
121-ElliteVV Theory – The number of waves is according to the finishing sequence.
122-Elliott VVV Theory – Fibbon Ratio and Retirement is used to determine the value of the value. The most common retracements are 62%, 50% and 38%.
123 – Ultimate Voice theory – bear markets should not fall down from the bottom of the last quarter.
124 – Alawi Weave Theory – View 4 should not be controlled by wave 1.
125. Support and resistance to use for points and exit points are the most effective chart tools. For the purposes of maintaining stop loss, the support and resistance levels are more valuable.
126. The highest price of gold is gold market. Gold prices and US dollars are generally trendy in anti-directional directions.
127. Yin is sensitive to the change in the value or structure of raw material markets.
128. Goods of goods production (Canada, Australia, New Zealand) are more dependent on other than Japan.
129. Yan Nixi Index is sensitive to the lucky fortune of the Japanese stock market and the real estate market.
130. The majority of pound transmission occurs significantly in the US market, and in Asia reduces the challenge. So, in the New York market, many banks have to stop pounds from the pause at noon.
131. Swiss Franc has a very close economic relationship with Germany, and thus the euro zone.
132. Major markets are London, 32% market, 18% of Tokyo and Tokyo 8%. Singapore has 7 percent, 5% in Germany and 4% in Switzerland, France and Hong Kong.
133. Do not use markets to feed your needs for encouraging you.

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