Forex Trade Tips Part.2

21. Stay alive! In Fore Trading, those who live for a long time are there when they “big movements” come often often.
22. If you are a new trader, become a small trader (mini account) for at least one year, then review your good trade and your bad analysis. You can really learn more from your evil.
23. Do not trade unless you are well funded, so that the market action is not a financial condition, order your admission and exit the market. If you do not start with a lot of money, you will not be able to execute if you temporarily change your market with you.
24. more purpose and less emotional.
25. Use the principles of money management.
26. Money Management increases the difficulties that traders will live for a long time.
27. Different, but not more.
28. Minimum 3 to 1 reward got the risk ratio.
29. Calculate the risk / reward ratio before putting the business, then hold it for a long time.
30. Do not trade commercially. Is a plan
31. There are specific goals and objectives.
32. Five steps of building a trading system: A) Start with a concept) Convert it to a set of rules. C) Check on the graphics regularly to check it with the update.) Estimate the results.
33. Plan your work and plan your plans.
34. Trade with a plan – not with hope, greed, or fear. Where will you plan to market, trade risk, and where you will take your profits.
35. Follow your plan. Once the position is established and the stop is selected, unless it is stopped or the main reason is not to change the position.
36. No successful trading system must consider three important factors: Predictable, Time, and Money Management. Predictive indication indicates how the market is expected. Specifies time-specific entry and exit points. Money management determines how much money to be paid in the trade.
37. Do not set up your system setup. Trade Every Signal.
38. Transmission systems that operate in the market can not work in the market below.
39. Creating its commercial plans before opening the market to eliminate emotional reactions. Decide entry points, exit points, and goals. Your decision about just minor changes during the session. Profits are for people who work, do not respond. Do not make changes unless you have a good reason.
40. Check everything.
41. Always think of possibilities. There is nothing about thinking about commercial possibilities. You can make all “right” decisions and trade is still against you. This does not make this “false” business, only one of the merchants will take you, possibly, on “losing” your business plan. Do not expect negative trades – they are an integral part of the plan and not to avoid it.
42. The location of your market analysis is always setting the general trend of the market.
43. Trade with just one strategy that has proven you.
44. When promoting (increase position), follow these instructions. One. Every possible layer should be at first.
B. Just add to win.
C. Never lose the position of losing. One of the few commercial management rules that we can state is, we can never break ‘never lose lost trade’. Trends are divided into winners and horses, and if the trade is harmful, its prospects change correctly and there is a lot of money to become a winner. If you do not have an account yet, register now! Mis-use could not be reported. I’m sorry to hear from you. Please reply to the message below
The. Winner) before you add it. If you do so, you will feel that almost always the trade eliminates the loss of your stop and does not return. Occasionally this trade goes close to it before removing your stop and becomes a winner and you can count yourself very fortunately. Sometimes trade kills your stop loss and then rotates and becomes a winner and you can count yourself. Whatever is the result, it is not able to include the loser, hopefully it will become a winner. Apart from the initial risk, the difficulties of success are just too low for the risk of further investment.
E. Keep the break break at the break.


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