Forex Trading System Easy Day

Forex Trading System Easy Day
(For M30 or H1 charts)
The system has been built on 7 indications, which can be very helpful and helps to get out of the selected currency.
1. ED_ price channel
2. ED_Discepline
4. ED_Tendend_Chek # 4
5. ED_Tendend_Chek # 3
6. ED_Trend_Chek # 2
7. ED_Trend_Chek # 1
Rules to enter the market:

Please just trade if all parameters are fully fulfilled!

1. Just enter a fixed trend at the confirmed stage (i.e. when the indicator ED_ price channel will warn you color). In search of our example, it clearly shows a possible change in trend, indicator indicates the ED_ price channel blue circle and the red line that appears before the paint bar blue.
Attention, – Do not lose the order if the bar does not only show the indicator it is not just painted in trade.
2. To correct all indicators, it is necessary to buy the same purchase or batch signal for the purchase or batch signal. For example, all histromrams provide green circle and blue line on green and indicator ED_ value channel bar, indicating ordering an open signal or order.

Rules to close position:

To specify the right point in which to close your position

1. Check Assisterms ED_Trend_Chek # 1-ED_Trend_Chek # 4
Close order when the histogram is in the highest perspective of ED_Trend_Chek # 1 – i.e lines become thin, at a specific time the market displays low volume or speed, or its color has changed.

2. As noted histogram ED_Trend_Chek # 2-4 is recommended before closing the order, wait for the option to wait optional unless the ED_Trend_Chek # 4 (the highest histram) has not occurred or not a thin line. Yes, or the color is changed Please note that such strategies have a high level risk.

Abstract, Waiting for all indications to plot joint indicator before entering the market always damaged a road and prevented a road to prevent it. The London and American sessions show that most volume is traded, which is almost at that time. 21.00 PMGM KM before 7 o’clock.

All indications (ED_ value channel, ED_ discipline, ED_RSI, ED_Trend_Chek # 1, ED_Trend_Chek # 2, ED_Trend_Chek # 3, ED_Trend_Chek # 4) should be copied
C: \ Program Files \ MetTrader \ Experts \ Indicators
Folder before opening the metrader.

Easy_ day.tpl template file should be copied:
C: \ Program Files \ MetTrader \ Templates
Folder (Make sure you do not install the metrader / specialist / template folder).

Open Metrider Select or open a new chart (H1), and click in the upper menu:
Chart – T Platelet – L Load Template and Open Easy_ day.tpl…


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