General Bajwa and Bill Gates Discuss Pakistan’s CoronaVirus Situation

General Qamar Javed Bajwa, the Chief of Army Staff discussed with Bill Gates about Pakistan’s coronavirus situation and polio campaign.

Bill Gates on the phone with the General appreciated Pakistan Army for resuming anti polio drive and to ensue measures for proper reach and coverage. Bajwa explained that polio free Pakistan is a national campaign that requires utmost help and cooperation from people, healthcare teams and law enforcement agencies.

The statement issued regarding the national campaign mentioned:

“​Mr. Gates also appreciated Pakistan’s success against COVID-19 despite resource constraints, the COAS attributed the success to a true national response executed through the mechanism of [National Command and Operation Center] which allowed optimization of resources.”

Pakistan has long been fighting polio. An eradication campaign started in March 2020 which had to be stopped due to rampant coronavirus. Only last month the plan to resume the campaign was in talks and now implementation is in pursuits. The plan this month is to vaccinate 34 million children against polio. It is imperative that Pakistan continues the fight against polio. The vaccination is widely available, accessible at your door step and safe.


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