Golden State Warriors using Google Cloud Storage

American professor basketball team will use Google Cloud Stats Technology to improve the performance of players of Golden State warriors.

In addition to improving their game in the court, the NBA Champions will also use Google Cloud to track the analysis of scoring reports and players to analyze the better rope. According to Google Cloud, these data can easily be shared with coaches, staffs and players.

It is also told that the basketball team is planning to host a mobile app on the Google Cloud Platform. This app – which will be developed by Warriors and Accountants – will benefit the Navigation Technologies such as app engines and firefox, personalized and map navigation. The app will also allow fans of heirs to find their seats.

In addition, Google Cloud will become the founder of the Chase Center in San Francisco, California. It will be the new home place for the team as it will be opened in September 2019.

According to Google Cloud, the Chase Center will use the same analysis to promote sports and leisure events at this place.

“Today, the time of the analysis of the Golden State Warrior team is time consuming and spent in the size, and only 30% of the time spent,” said Krak Lacco, Vice President of Warriors Assistant General Manager and deputy GSC Sports Ventures. The valuable data collection allows us to automatically disclose resources and spend more time in action by partnering with Google Cloud. ”


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