Google aims to simplify its cloud storage with One plan

Google’s attention is very strong by the cloud’s enterprise in the recent months – but it has not been ignored by the consumer’s field with any storage plans and price deficit.

The company announced the launch of Google One, a premium cloud storage offer that aims to replace paid users with Google Drive projects. The new service includes 30 TB options, access to Google specialists for customer service as well, and on Google Docs, include credits such as crax, or hotels on Google Search.

Pricing starts at $ 1.99 to 100 GB and $ 2.99 per month, before the price is left above 2TB. The big change is still near 2 TB marks, which is $ 9.99 per month per month – the first 1 tb price.

In other words, Google is giving an additional transit out of its heart’s goodness, to prevent the cost of its 2bb plan in action. The company has been confirmed that it will have an existing 1 TB drive plan. In comparison, the drop-down and Microsoft offer a TB at $ 9.99, but later it also makes bundles with Office 365.

Google WPVP Devwanji confirmed the news in a blog post. “Thanks for the mobile phone and new file formats like 4K video and high-definition photography, people are stored more than ever.” “So we’re introducing Google One, a simple plan for extended storage that will help you get out of Google.”

This post has been included in the recent clouds of chapter and verse Google. From this beginning of the week, the company announced the intention of getting a Palestinian based company ویل ویلسٹراټا, which focuses on accelerating enterprise cloud mobility. Storage wars continue, but more these days in those backgrounds. In February, Microsoft revealed plans to rival competitors by offering rifles for free business for a long time. This offer is at the end of June.

However, Google One has reviewed the satisfaction. Writing for Forbes, Kevin Marwin argued that the aspect of living service service can be “the most useful element of the new service.”


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