Google and Alibaba focus on Southeast Asia for Cloud Use

The biggest player in cloud computing is watching Asia for further expansion – Google has announced that it is building a new data center in Singapore, while Alibaba Cloud announces the second infrastructure zones in Malaysia.

Google’s expansion company will take up to three data centers in Singapore, its total investment will take up to $ 850 million in the country. Facilities will also be built with Google’s environmental policy; In April the company announced that it has achieved its long-term goal of becoming 100% renewable.

According to Google’s location map, the company now operates 61 open and neutral areas in 20 openings and five continents. Singapore Asia Pacific Japan is included in Japan – an open facility in Tokyo and future future in Osaka – another future facility in Mumbai, Taiwan, Sydney, and Hong Kong. “We are looking forward to increasing our small team on data centers as well as increasing our relationship with the local community,” wrote a blog post’s VP data center Joe Kota.

Meanwhile, AliBaba is launching other available zones in Malaysia, which wants to increase the impact of cloud in the country. New products include DDS protection, as well as flexible computing, database, networking and surveillance services. Along with Alibaba’s recent partnership with the SAA, the zones will also be certified for SAP hosting.

“Our success of business on the global platform is dependent on an effective Internet environment with the help of AliBaba Cloud companies,” said Gambind Singh Doo, Communications and Multimedia Malaysia. “Advanced technology provided by AliBaba Cloud opens new opportunities, which I think Malaysia will benefit greatly in its efforts to enhance competition and performance in this new industry.”

A major audience for cloud technologies in Southeast Asia – Google said that over 70 million people had been online for the first time in three years. Recent area research has been reflected in this area.

According to the latest study of the Asia Cloud Computing Association (AAA), from 14 Asia Asian countries, Singapore’s most ‘cloud-drawn’ was considered. The country’s praise for the broadband quality, cyber curement and business profit levels. Malaysia # 8 was ranked, as the potential indicator of future success mentions the government’s first strategy.


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