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Google has claimed that more than $ 1 million in its cloud cases has increased ‘more than double’ in the past 12 months, in which it is called “strong” years.
The quarterly quarter of the last-quarter company’s results and financial year saw Google’s second “revenue” – Google Cloud has hit $ 6.49 billion ($ 4.99 billion) for the current quarter. This year, 30% increase last year. Indeed, this quarter’s figure was increased by Q318 to 39%. The total annual income in the business increased by 23 percent to $ 136.8 billion.
Google CEO Singer Slayer told the revenue call analysts that “Google Cloud has been overwhelmed with strong years across [Business].” Digital users help their businesses change their business digitally. Our attention has been turned on. ”
This is what we know from the call.
Google has more than two million dollars of $ 1 million cloud deals and multi-year contracts, while Block Blaster has increased in case of $ 100 million.
Google’s cloud arm saw this quarter for both a technical and sales role
More than five million followers have signed up for a collaboration tool
Yet, to answer an analyst’s question, Google’s main financial officer, Ruth Port, did not go to Google in more detail on Abraham’s income. Prior to emphasizing the default issues, “In terms of growth, the cloud continues to promote the growth driven by most of the [Google Cloud Platform] cloud and the fastest in the GCP alphabet. Is one of the growing businesses. ”
Recently the biggest news from the biggest quarter was three years later, Google Cloud CEO Don Green was departed, in the past, Thomas Kori took Oracle. As Green put in its goodbye letter, 2015 was ‘a combination of two main customers and star-ups’, while continuing to push the enterprise to Google in 2015.
Some have argued that this push has not been rapidly, analysts with former employees. In October, Amir Hermelin led the management of former products in Google Cloud, during his term two major firms were expressing on the enterprise market and focused on Amazon and Microsoft.
As both Hermeline and Green had noted, however, Google’s machinery was focused on learning where it could have been different. Challenge told the analysts that “Here’s a major long-term investment that holds the basis for our future computing needs, primarily to accelerate machine learning in our enterprises – rather than we have cloud, search, To support opportunities in advertising and YouTube “. .

Nevertheless, a clear topic from the call of income was around to clear the fog of obfuscation around its ‘second’ income. Amazon explicitly gives its AWS revenue, as Alibaba for Ali Baba cloud, while Microsoft does not have any details around Azure, Microsoft increases the percentage percentage.
Paul Miller, senior analyst researcher, told that Google is in a more detailed way to continue “that does not mean that they are hiding awesome figures”, but emphasized that seeing it There was a wide picture for.
He told CloudTech in an email that “all of the main players perform their portfolio differently, and all of them have different forces and weaknesses.” “Easy to take G. Sweet’s earnings and it looks smaller than Microsoft’s office income. Make it easier for GCC earnings, and it will look smaller than AWS. .
“But the fact is that we will jump to compare compared to each other, nor are they comparable to apples.” Miller added. “Real value for Google – and for others – this is how these components can be collected and can be reproduced to provide value to their customers. It should be a story, not whether a particular Their arrival in type is growing 2x, 3x, or 10x. “According to serious research, the most recent quarter of the most recent cloud analyzes players, with Google IBM as well as 7% market share. Amazon holds more than one third (34%) market, Microsoft is a 15% and obviously Ali Ali Baba 5%. Amazon, Micro Microsoft, Google and Alibaba have participated in the market during all 12 months. Though Solitaire noted that the attention of IBM in its hosting hostility to private cloud services is not public.
John Dennishead, an important analytical analytical analyst, said, “The international international market for the Q4 cloud market is a banner for the international market with a annual rate, which is unusual for the higher development market on this scale. Trend. ” .
Dlandold added, “The rate on which the market leaders expanding is really impressive.” Commenting on this continuous performance, the analyst firm has forced to review and raise its five-year market forecast. “Inevitable, some roads will be bombed on the way.
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