Google Cloud Gets up to Speed with AWS

Google Cloud has announced the launch of a منظم cloud host hardware security module (HSM) service – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure has incorporated this security standard.

Cloud HSM users will host the encryption keys and according to company’s blog position, will help to perform a catatootographic operation in the FIPS 140-2 level 3 verified HSMs.

To put this point in view, the FIPS 140-2 has the advanced level 4 for quality, which means “the cryptographic with the Internet to detect and respond to all unauthorized efforts based on physical access Provide full envelope of protection around the module. ” Instead, Level 3, “is a possibility of exploring and attempting to physically access, use or modify the cryptographic module.”

Cloud HSM is firmly integrated with Google’s Cloud Key Management Service (KMS), which enables data protection in services such as BigQuery, Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Hard-to-Save Data Percussion data. .

According to the product manager L-Wong Li, this move came about, because customers want more options to meet the safety and compliance mandate of sensitive information. Yet Google claims to be a cloud provider only secretly encrypts all customer data.

Lee said “To manage the compliance requirements for those of you, you can help cloud HMM regulatory mandates to meet the needs of key keys and corruption in the hardware environment. Is.” “In addition to using FIPS 140-2 certified devices, Cloud HSM allows you to make sure your graphic keys will be created within the hardware range.”

Some can consider that this is a long time coming to Google; Microsoft announces a cloud hosted HSM Bacch Services Azure Key Walt, as the beginning of the 2015, as well as to manage cabytographic graphics. What The AWS ‘CloudHSM tool has been widely authored.

Still Google’s cloud operations are certainly far more modern than ever. At the beginning of this month, the company announced the support of pre-packaged e-services, contact centers and talent as well as the support of the NVIDIA Tester P4 GPU.


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