Google Cloud Investigates Automated Customer Service

Google Cloud Platform has said that after complaining about its treatment, the process of prevention of preventing its use will be reviewed.

A non-valued customer, who works in the renewable energy industry, has written in a middle-class post that after the Google’s automatic system’s objectionable activity, the company has been temporarily ‘losing everything’ for some time. Was written at the same time.

Those who make a feather will receive different types of emails – a ‘badge’, as the customer has presented it – it tells that every service is down, the payment account is temporarily closed, and about What i need Chat support with warning has been locked, as long as the image identity card issued by the cardboard card card and the card holder will be uploaded within three days, the project will be terminated.

The card holder is warned about the customer’s results – in this example, COO – this system was not available around the automatic nature.

“I need Google to monitor and stop suspicious activity, but there is a lot of information about the activity related to some complaints, after how you handle things,” explains the post. “Here you need a human factor – which can not be converted by any code / AI. You can not just shut down the stuff and then ask about the description.”

In a statement, Berne Bender, Google Cloud Platform, has been posted by the Regional Supporting Regional Support, Google said it re-evaluate the data sources used to review fraudulent activity. Yes, complaints will help account alerts for accounts to enforce and improve additional mechanisms. The statement added, “The security of our customers and systems is the biggest priority.” “We sincerely apologize for this issue and are working fast to improve things, not only for this customer but also for all GCP customers.”

Google has been added to the field of cloud infrastructure during the last 12 months – The company was registered in May’s section of Public Cloud IaaS leaders by the Gantner – it is interesting to note that this particular customer For this was the first plan on Google’s cloud completely. Customer was the first AWS home; and when there was no technical reason for change – both are ‘disturbed’ because the customer presented it – there was a note on different customer experiences.

The customer explained that “in our experience AWS handles billing issues on a very high human way.” “They warn you about suspicious activity and give you time to describe and sort things. They do not take you off the stairs.”

Other issues were resolved. Mike Kahn, Google Cloud Customer Engineer, used to point to the importance of having an enterprise user account instead of consumers – in addition to this, another commentator has said that the ‘border line ups’ for consumers.


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