Google Cloud Launch in Switzerland

This year Google Cloud is already expanding five new areas – and now Switzerland can be included in the list.

The move for open facilities in the ground means that Google means that there are half-a dozen Google regions in Europe, overall the current and declared regions 20. Swiss zones will open in the first half of 2019 this year. .

In a blog, Google SVP technical structure Ars Holzell wrote, “In Switzerland, customers will have to benefit from their cloud-based work load and data, and the area is designed for high availability, service To avoid obstacles, start with three zones. “After confirming the news.

In the last January, Google announced a wide range of infrastructure plans, which started five new areas and three subsidy cables. In the new territories in the Netherlands – the two zones were quickly opened with zones, which were also open to business with Los Angeles, Finland and Hong Kong in the third phase of Montreal.

Google Cloud Performance continues to continue, CEO Sundar Pichai said last month to the analysts that the company was ‘growing well’ and ‘big’ and ‘maximum strategic’ were in its respective issues. . This company does not show specific cloud income, but according to its recent financial outcomes its “second” – Google Cloud is currently a $ 4.35 billion share, which has increased by 35 percent last year.

The evidence of the more inspiring client’s roller in this company has been seen in recent months by various recent events. Spotify is a verified Google Cloud Client when he comes to his IPO files, while Eagle Eyed Observers buried deep in the ISO security guide, seeing Apple was also a customer. The poster child of the Amazon Web Services posters child recently Netflix, confirmed that this information ran out of the burden of disaster recovery on Google after a story, whose company as ‘most sensitive’ Is described.


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