Google Cloud Launches Container Security Tool

Google has terminated a range of cloud updates in time for cloud next Tokyo event. Container security, in-memory data, and synthetic intelligence (AA).

The container registry pollution specified in the beta is looking to prevent deployment of dangerous images by detecting automatic-known security risks during continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD) process.

Regular readers of this publication will definitely be informed about the importance of security in container and DOPP. Indeed, in June, this publication was written about the various investigative pieces around unsecured console and dashboards, which include toiletries and weight watches.

This is where Google wants to bend things (down). The fully organized CI / CD platform of this container, images of all the containers built using cloud construction will now be automatically scanned for the risk of OS package. What’s more, dangerous scanning will also be integrated with binary allowance, which only ensures images of reliable container without the need of manual intervention.

“When we make dangerous scanning for container images, we started in a way that the security needs to be made in CI / CD initially, then at least reduce the shortage of time. To improve the security issues and reduce the risk of exposure, “Google announces launch that has written in a blog. “Also, as part of some manuals, advertising process, security controls need to be automatically.

This is the first time I’ve been on my blog. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I’m sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! “In other words, as part of every CI / CD pipe, the CI / CD security needs to be implemented by image scanning.”

The Cloud Memory Store for Redis is usually available with these updates, based on the Open Source Redis Database and works as tasks, scanning, failures and surveillance tasks. The services offered by new areas are Tokyo – such as one – Singapore and the Netherlands, take up to 8 eight in number of assistant areas.

CA was dedicated to Japan’s announcement; Google said it is offering two courses in Japanese, learning machine machine with TensorFlow, and Associate Cloud Engineer certification on the Google Cloud Platform skill. A new advanced solution lab (SSL) is also being launched in Tokyo. The company wrote that “In the coming months, ASL will offer an immigration training experience so that Japan’s businesses can learn from the Google Cloud ML engineers directly in the classroom.” “With this training, the business promotes the need to scale and deploy scale scale using a scale of Google Cloud.”

A new feature is a new feature. Cloud Cloud Source stores, whose pending product is now available in beta, is intended to manually host hosting, tracking, and changes in the larger codex on the Google Cloud Platform. Code search capabilities are based on documentary indexing and recovery techniques used on Google Search.

The company is in the midst of October’s stranger with London – its next world tour.


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