Google Cloud launches Pre-Packaged AI Services

Synthetic intelligence (AA) and the importance of machine learning to the largest cloud providers and their customers – and the purpose of Google Cloud is the purpose of submitting pre-packed AI services before this packing.

Google in July, Google CloudE head scientist Fei Fei Lee noted that AI was no longer a place for tech tech but ‘different for business in every industry’. ‘Why is not it difficult to see?’ Take different companies that point to AI and machine learning skills, when they make a switch, whether they purchase – with Bloomburber with Google, Formula 1 with AWS.

Google’s Pre-Paid A Prerequisite is based on the improvement of enterprise contact center and qualification acquisition. The role of partners working with the contact center is almost one who is one of the integration partners with Cisco, Colorful, BlueWil, Delite and KPMG.

Explains the benefits of a Blog Post Contact Center technology from the manager of the Apore Sacina, Cloud AA Product Manager, and the Garyadi Kitchen Cloud Group manager. “Instead of phone tree [Contact Center AA], naturally and interacting with the security columns,” write two. “” Whenever possible, its goal is to solve simple requests and tasks, such as billing inquiries or driving directions. And when it is determined that the collar’s needs are more than helping in their abilities, it randomly transfers a non-supporting role without any living agent and switch.

“During the conversation, it is at the level of information level that can help a live agent in real time, so agencies do not need to hold a collar.” Sakina and Kitchen are included. “It is important to capture critical trends such as historical trends, or any type of contact is happening more often.”

Many people will remember that, in May, Google held a presentation where its assistant software named a real hair salon to a fixed book, with the employer in the second line clearly it was not known. That it was calling them. Something was doubtful about the confirmation of this demo – so it might be able to find them more.

On demanding revenue in the previous month, Google CEO Center patchy considered the company’s pace, with massive and over-the-clock strategic issues, ‘our long-term power in computing, data centers and machine learning Was a natural extension. In many years and they give strength to our own services in the cloud and are helping others now. “He told analysts.


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