Google Cloud Opens in Finland

Google Cloud is now open for business in Finland, it is making the 16th region to start in five continents.

This move was first announced in the beginning of the year when Google significantly increased its infrastructure, with five new areas and three subsidy cables. With Hall Kong and Switzerland, facilities in the Netherlands and Montreal have already been opened, which were announced last month.

These facilities are located in the bath’s current data center and will use the natural environment, including the seafood from the Finland Bay. “The [it] is in its own custom anywhere in the world,” said Chris Cloudon, manager of Google Cloud Manager in blog blog. “This means that when you use the area to operate your components, store your data and prepare your applications, you work so strongly. Are doing. ”

Google said that in the new region, the hosting application will reach Tripoli by ending up to 65% for end users in the Nordics and reach 88% for Eastern Europe users.

As always the way to Google, including a Rolls Royce customer, was run out of the way, which focuses on stability as well as dimensions. Senior Vice President Ship Intelligence, said, “The free way of emission and durable shipping is a long and challenging, but thanks to the exciting innovation and strong partners, Russia is well prepared for the trip.”

“We are able to train the machine learning model to provide automatic utensils in the most efficient way,” added Tanino. ” “We have to take a lot of advantage to speed up the project for launching Google for finance.”


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