Google Cloud Securing

The Google CEO singer said that its operations in the company’s cloud operations are with ‘large-scale’ growing, strategic issues because more impressive financial results have come.

The parent of this company, alphabet, posted Q118 finances in the beginning of this week, with a net income of $ 31.15 billion ($ 22.3 billion) in the quarter. Advertising revenue was $ 26.6 billion, while ‘second’ income – out of which Google Cloud is part of $ 4.35 billion, this year has increased by 35 percent last year. Overall analysis of the previous year was 25%.

Earlier this year, the pitch said Google Cloud was operating more than $ 1bn per quarter, while in July, the company said that in July, the company has expanded its major cloud deal by three times – 500 in the year, $ 1,000 or more.

The Peach told Google’s cloud conditions that “in Q1, we saw the rising speed.” “We are growing across the board and are signing more important, more strategic issues for the cloud. Our security capabilities, the latest data analysis and machine learning solutions and the safe and industry-leading partners in use Forms, gts, customers are easy to win.

The clutch added “Google Cloud is growing well.”

The cloud was an important element in analysts, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AA) thanks to Honorable Google’s headlines and how clearly AI was important for everyone to open new opportunities.

A combination of machine learning on Google’s cloud is likely to be unusual. In next 2016, as regular industry observers will remember, the event has indicated it’s ability to become a Google customer, while yesterday it is estimated to analyze overall overall oil and gas data. Is working with Google Cloud to develop the AA solution.

The patch also pointed out the importance of the center of Google’s expanded data and cable empire, and said that the company’s global infrastructure is “broader in supporting demand.” The launch of five new data center facilities in Finland, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Montreal and the Netherlands was an important indication for the company in the quarter, along with three shares cables. Google also saved the pre-renewable energy target of this month.

In addition, Google Cloud announced a series of updates to G. Sweet, focusing on security and our old friends, AA. On the security side, a new ‘Privacy’ mode was started for Gmail, alongside big builder security alerts, so ideologically users can not remember the fact that they are about to open a phishing fishing. In front of AI, new features, such as calling – Gmail slowly reminding you about implementing unsolicited messages – to ensure the purpose of more productivity and ensuring that users do not ‘leave the ball’ As Google keeps it. According to the release released, every month, Google will fail to prevent 1.6 million ground balls for users.


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