Government’s Vision for G-Cloud

The government will jointly multiply, hire and manage multiple tenancy services. Combined resources, infrastructure, software and information will be provided at the end of the user’s closing limit, for example, laptops, smartphones, etc. – as a utility – a pay by using a network connection On – In many cases the Internet; it will be supported by the new delivery and the model of delivery. It will be dynamically expandable, vibrant, and easy to move in and out of service. G cloud is not the single single; it is a continuous and initial program of work that will be used to a wide range of cloud services, and in this way, in public institutions, ICT purchases and modes of running methods will change.

By adopting cloud computing, the government will be able to easily use and collect the ICT products and services together. This initiative enables high cost customized ICT applications and solutions for low-value, standard and interchangeable services where the market is standardized and cost-effective. This means the market provides the market to adopt and adapt solutions to changing the culture of the government and does not create unnecessary exposure.

The approach to public administration is to strengthen the first policy, although it will not be possible at all. Only buy cloud technology, save yourself, maximum money. The biggest value can be achieved by the government as we buy and operate our ICTs.

Cloud computing is a way to access an ITC service and use flexible and dynamic fashion, when needed, their needs only need to be purchased. We should do it once, fix it and reuse, reuse, reuse. . In order to achieve this, we face challenges in purchasing, transferring and operational arrangements. In adopting this approach, the government should ensure that the cloud service still provides an acceptable level
Security allows prevention of risk reduction and government organizations to fulfill their legal and legal obligations as long as the information is concerned.

Cloud computing will be enabled by the creation of the Government Application Store. It will take an online portal, and display an open market location that will be able to buy, use, review, and reuse in the public sector.

The Government App Store (Appointor) aims to:
• Provide an open, ignored, commoditized and cost-effective market, which is the first point of call for the ICT requirements in any public sector.
• Create a shop window where encouraging services related to the related IT sector can be encouraged and new suppliers can be found.
• Explore the purchase of Pin Public Sector
• To access the information and credentials of the IA and the Security Community
• To play important role in mutual cooperation, including:
Operating supplier performance by providing an open-minded mechanism
A re-use of the service to operate efficiency and cost savings.

Government’s request will be the place of store market in which various public sector organizations can buy trusted services (and trial cases) in various fields. The overall government’s aim is to intend to provide advanced capabilities, diverse services, and allow users to easily find, review, compare, purchase, commission, deemed, and switch services.

The use of government’s cloud computing technologies for ICT needs the ICT service, which is often duplicated from expensive dedicated development, to provide the best fit market to its Performance, service level and cost reduction. It works best, where an adult service is available for a specific service so that businesses can quickly and easily comply with commodity solutions.
Government benefits
Since the establishment of a modern ITC solution, the government has praised and purchased the custom solution to meet its needs. In the future, instead of defining the requirements, the government will use more of the settlement solution that will improve its needs. The government tries to become the architectural of the bespoke digital solution for consumers widely available and promoting massively market products.

The focus of the government’s approach to improving the government’s vision will be the basis of the central infrastructure, which is traditionally quite poor. The maximum use of the database will allow the solidarity and stability of the State State and will lead to significant cost, housing and energy saving.

The benefits of the government will be:

• Too many common items solutions – A wide range of industry-wide ICT services and solutions are available from Shelf so that the government, its agencies and relevant institutions will need it when they are required and not create duplicate services. Which can not be combined.
• Flexible and Freedom – Capabilities, if needed, service providers for departments and organizations have long ‘contract’, without long-term shopping and implementation cycles, and to improve the better price and better Till solution
• Ready and easy to use – Full solution that is already assured for security, performance and service management. Ready to resolve ‘hybrid cloud’ that ‘Public’ cloud cost capabilities are used with a secure and dedicated private cloud solution based on a strong database and service state.
• Low cost – Based on the excited competition on prices and quality, on-premises payment services. Quality and capacity service matrix as well as transparent expenses for easy purposes and controls;
• Improves the quality and value of solutions offered from small SME organizations, providing a limited range of competitive markets – services for hosting and computer servers’ capabilities.
Benefits of Suppliers
Market development should be beneficial for the government as well as small, medium and emerging suppliers if it is available and to improve the range and quality of available services. Setting up Customs items for suppliers means:

• Market platform available for public customers – All available, current service usage, cost and performance is transparent with upcoming opportunities. Contract performance and comparative performance indicators have been published. As long as the government’s customers are not made at the service agreement for a long term service, the suppliers are free to present new, better quality and cost solutions to government customers at any time.
Simple and fair acquisition – Purchase of easy items through system use, such as animated shopping system currently used for other utility removes the need for a longer, expensive purchase process. It makes a level playing field for the suppliers, both large and emerging providers, especially SME solutions, can offer the offer that can be adopted easily and quickly by the government. Is.
• Freedom of Freedom – Service Suppliers are free to modernize new solutions and fixtures in services at any time, rather than being held to provide the latest and inappropriate traditional specifications and requirements.

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