It is a dominant landscape landscape on a hybrid cloud and according to a new research traditionally adopt the cloud, according to the new research, it is now looking forward to a priority.

A report from the Enterprise Cloud Provider shows that in two years, more than third (37%) health care institutions have been told that they will deploy Hybrid Cloud. It represents a large number of less than five (19%) today today.

This study, which surveyed more than 2,300 IT decision makers, including 345 global healthcare organizations, more than a quarter (28%) jobs conducted security and compliance to operate workloads. See the number one element. It’s not completely amazing. All figures can be equally equally seen, but health care is definitely a industry where it comes from data that is more than others. Factors in the satisfaction measures, especially HIPAA, and it is clear how important the security message is.

Yet another key area is around IT expenses. According to the survey, healthcare institutions were about 40% during the budget, when compared to the average 35 per cent average of other industries, public cloud came out. These organizations surveyed which currently use public cloud spend around a quarter of their annual IT budget (26%) – which will increase by 35 percent in two years.

In healthcare organizations, ERP and CRM, analytics, containers and IT-looking apparatus for a clearly one-public use as a major cloud for the public. Average access to healthcare is just above global score. 88% of them have been surveyed that they see the sun cloud to positively affect their business impact – yet skills are only one of the main issues, just as A.A and machine learning this area, where Health care organizations are struggling for talent.

This is definitely an area where the biggest vendors have been targeted in recent months. Amazon Web Services (AWSS) helped in finding drug development for life-life science organizations to develop a cloud-based information technology research platform with an announcement announced in September. Google took the opportunity to launch Health Care Conference HMMS a new cloud healthcare API, focusing on data types such as HL7, FHIR and DICOM.

Naturally, the network is also in the business to support health care organizations with their clouds transfer. So far, the industry will create an increase in sustainability. Healthcare IT Future stack requires different tasks in different fields, with key connection. More than half of these surveys said that the movement of ‘Inter Cloud Application’ was necessary.

“Health care organizations are especially flexible, managed and secure, which save the cloud, and it will be more important only because attacks on systems are more advanced, compliance rules more. Become tough, and data storage needs more demand. ” Global Marketing Networks SVP. “As our results are predicted, health care organizations grow rapidly on the development of hybrid cloud for their core applications, and we use it in the next round of healthcare. Will be looking as an ideal solution.

Coz added, “The new technology and tools such as machine learning and automation of the cloud with the cloud are smooth, we long see positive changes due to better healthcare solutions.”

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