High Arsenic Levels Found in 2 Bottled Water Brands

High Arsenic Levels Found in 2 Bottled Water Brands

Abnormal amounts of arsenic were found in two brands of filtered water sold at Whole Foods, Target and Walmart, the Center for Environmental Health in California says.

The not-for-profit gathering found that the brands Penafiel, claimed by Keurig Dr. Pepper, and Starkey, possessed by Whole Foods, contain levels of arsenic that are higher than faucet water and abuse California rules.

Large amounts of arsenic can cause conceptive harm and disease, and items that disregard suggested state levels of arsenic must convey a notice, as indicated by California law.Research additionally demonstrates that arsenic can cause hormone disturbance and organ harm, particularly in kids.

Not long ago, Consumer Reports discharged discoveries that similar brands of jug water contained about twofold the government furthest reaches of arsenic in water.

The U.S. Sustenance and Drug Administration has not reviewed either brand of filtered water.

Entire Foods and Keurig Dr. Pepper did not react to demands for input.

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