History of Cloud Storage

Many people have to create a new technology on cloud storage, just because they have not heard it yet. The Internet has been around a few decades, though. And it’s not that computer technology has new pieces. Actually, a comprehensive storage network concept has been since the ceiling. Read a brief visit about cloud history.


The concept of an “Intelligence Computer Network” was introduced by GCRR. Luckler in 1969 He had a vision – one of the world’s connections that provided access to the Internet connection to a maximum storage system. What about us now was revolutionary at their time. Of course, the Internet is just over twenty years useful for the public. So you’ve still heard of cloud computing yet recently – the Internet was not ready for this advanced coding.

It is believed that Cloud Computing has been pointed out by Joseph Carl Robot Leck Elder to connect people and data with RSAAA’s own work in 1960.

In 1983, CompuServe has presented a small disk space to users of the users that can be used to select these files to upload.

In 1994, AT & T introduced PersonaLink services, online platform for personal and business communication and business skills. The storage is based on the first website, and is referred to in its commercial institution, “You can think of your electronic meeting space as a cloud.” [3] Amazon Web Services introduced the Cloud Storage Services AWS S3 in 2006. , And have received extensive identification and authority such as storage services on popular services such as SmugMug, Dropbox, and Pinterest. In 2005, the box shared an online file sharing and personalized cloud content management service.


There were several companies who were first to start working with cloud services. One, in 1999, was Salesforce.com. He provided companies the ability to access various applications on the internet. Next, Amazon released Flexible Compound Cloud (EC2) in 2006. It was basically the same concept, but people allowed computers to rent. Google, released its application system in 2009, which you know today (Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.). Therefore, the cloud is almost active and around sometime! How can your company benefit from using it?

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