Hive Active Thermostat Review

Hive isn’t too known as Nest, Ecobee or Honeywell in the North American savvy home market, yet the UK brand (claimed by vitality mammoth, Centrica) is building a solid worldwide nearness.

A year ago we got the opportunity to audit the minimal, charming, cuboid Hive View. It was an upscale savvy camera that intrigued. While it did not have the outsider mixes accessible from contenders, we swooned over its smooth lines, made with consideration by structure master Yves Berhar.

The $170 Hive Active Thermostat is additionally conceived of a coordinated effort among Hive and Berhar’s modern plan studio, fuseproject. It bolsters simple establishment and control from cell phone, tablet and PC. Be that as it may, the Hive Active Thermostat neglects to back its garish plan with highlights.

The Hive Active Thermostat appeared in the UK in 2015, and touched base in North America in 2017. Since dispatch, the equipment has gotten a slight structure invigorate, swapping the roundabout catches on the lower face for contact touchy counterparts. In that time, in any case, the highlights basic in shrewd indoor regulators have changed. That is civility of Ecobee. Its most recent model, the Ecobee SmartThermostat, incorporates remote room sensors, full Amazon Alexa savvy speaker reconciliation, music and webcast spilling, voice calling and the sky is the limit from there.

A shrewd indoor regulator that only oversees home solace never again has a lot to gloat about.

The square, reflect fronted Hive Active Thermostat is around a similar size as the Ecobee SmartThermostat, and however it does not have a few highlights of that gadget, it’s apparently prettier (despite the fact that regardless we imagine that the Nest Learning Thermostat beats everybody on looks). The front face is spotless, with the exception of a focal control handle. Two enormous, flush-mounted catches on the highest point of the indoor regulator let you abrogate indoor regulator settings with a fast impact of cool or warmed air.


While we cherish the vibe of the Hive Active Thermostat, we were frustrated by the removable, feeble plastic edge that encompasses the gadget. A going with scope of twelve tradable casings has been created as adornments, in a mob of hues to coordinate your home stylistic layout. It’s an extraordinary idea and a significant component in the indoor regulator’s structure.

Here’s the trick. While these casings are accessible to buy in the UK, you won’t discover them in North America. We checked, and Hive doesn’t sell them here. You’ll need to chase them down through outsiders. Additionally inaccessible on this side of the lake is a convenient indoor regulator stand that gives you a chance to put the controller on a work area or rack rather than a divider.

Given the venture Hive has made in utilizing one of the world’s head mechanical plan firms to create their indoor regulator, the choice not to convey assistants to North America is confusing. The organization says they’ll rethink if there’s purchaser request.

The rest of the components of the indoor regulator’s structure resemble its companions. An unknown backplate, with incorporated level and spring-stacked wiring connectors, screws to your divider. A huge, rectangular spread plate conceals mounting gaps from your old indoor regulator or undecorated pieces of the divider. The indoor regulator cuts perfectly into the backplate, once screwed to the divider. We observed establishment to be simple, with Hive’s going with establishment guide giving clear strides to evacuate our old gadget.


In contrast to the greater part of its friends, the Hive Active Thermostat must be associated with an independent system center point (wired to your switch) to empower remote control. It conveys utilizing the Zigbee shrewd home convention rather than Wi-Fi. While we’ve experienced these centers for home security or savvy lighting frameworks (like Philips Hue), most brilliant indoor regulators associate straightforwardly to your switch over Wi-Fi, offering consistent remote access without extra mess.

In case you’re betting everything on Hive’s Smart Home pack, which presently incorporates a variety of lighting, power and security items conveying over a large group of conventions, a system extension is justifiable. In any case, it’s a bother in case you’re essentially searching for a decent worth, savvy indoor regulator with remote control.

The Hive Active Thermostat must be associated with an independent system center for remote control.

Fortunately, the indoor regulator finds and combines with the Hive Hub consequently once the last has been snared to your switch. You’ll be guided through some basic inquiries concerning your warming framework to help arrangement, after which you’re allowed to investigate your warming calendar and settings.


We observed the touchscreen show to be responsive, and the expansion of the focal control handle unquestionably makes settings determination simple. In any case, the decision of a reflected completion hoists structure over capacity.

At short proximity, the shading show is splendid and clear, yet the control handle lessens screen land, so the presentation characters are little. At separation (even a couple of feet away), it’s close difficult to peruse the temperature. We wound up routinely strolling over to the indoor regulator and tapping the screen to check the temperature. The gadget has a closeness sensor, however we needed to draw near before the presentation turned on.

Like any mirror in your home that you want to tap over and over, we found the Hive show rapidly progressed toward becoming clouded by smears and oily fingerprints. Make certain to have that microfiber fabric convenient. It’s a disgrace – the Hive Active Thermostat configuration looks extraordinary in the case (just as in press photography) yet in the house, it’s far less reasonable than Nest and Ecobee.


Cell phone application control (or work area, by means of an internet browser) mellows that blow. The Hive application is utilized to deal with the organization’s full scope of keen home gadgets and we discovered it a joy to utilize. Tap to change modes (Heat, Cool, Dual or Off), swipe up or down to change temperature – simple. It’s responsive, as well, with directions pushed to the indoor regulator inside a second. Calendars are anything but difficult to make and alter. We especially preferred the capacity to duplicate one day’s setup consistently.

Having begun existence with its presentation indoor regulator in 2013, Hive currently brags an exhibit brilliant home pack, consolidating power the board (by means of Hive Active Plug) close by passage sensors, indoor, and open air surveillance cameras. These gadgets are will coordinated by the utilization of Actions, accessible from inside the cell phone and web applications. A scope of pre-set combinations be designed in only a couple of taps. Or on the other hand, you can turn up your own – in the event that you have the essential Hive equipment. Increasingly bold clients can look at a not insignificant rundown of plans at IFTTT for outsider network, while full coordination with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home makes voice control the simplest method to oversee home temperatures.

The Hive Active Thermostat is a trendy, shrewd gadget that is easy to introduce and offers an adaptable exhibit of benevolent administration choices, including cell phone, voice and web application, while a responsive touchscreen and physical catches include helpful neighborhood control. Be that as it may, a long time since its presentation, the indoor regulator is past due for an invigorate. No help for remote room sensors implies it slacks Nest and Ecobee on entire home solace, while the dependence on a cumbersome independent system center for remote control needs effortlessness.

Is there a superior option?

The Nest Learning Thermostat remains a famous decision, however our proposal would be the Ecobee SmartThermostat. At $249, it’s somewhat more costly than the Hive Active Thermostat however needn’t bother with a system center point and has a huge number of shrewd highlights well beyond basic HVAC control.

To what extent will it last?

Possessed by one of the world’s biggest vitality organizations, Centrica, you ought to have no worries about Hive’s life span or client support. The gadget has a few physical controls that may wear after some time, however we don’t predict any issues.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

No. The Hive Active Thermostat might be less expensive than its companions, however four years after its structure debut, we believe it’s expected a revive. Hive’s choice not to help the North American gadget with extras accessible somewhere else may recommend one’s descending the line.


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