How Would Like to Build my Website: Part.2

Coding Knowledge
Presumably, the reason you are here is because you would like to take a hands-on approach to your business’s website. If you have some knowledge in the HTML code, you may find that your website with WordPress is not that hard. Yes, the learning curve will be longer than that of a typical
website builder, but with access to themes and plugins that most of the coding is required to build a site, it is possible to build a beautiful website on your own.

TIP: If you decide to use your website using WordPress, we highly recommend employing a developer to build this task alone instead of your website. Whilst these services will add your costs, a professional developer can customize your website’s design, layout and functionality more efficiently, not to mention that the entire project is very fast than if you were to build your own website. Once the website goes live, your own platform with familiarization so you can take over the day to day management of the website. Whether adding new content or editing the basic site elements, if you can manage the ongoing maintenance, you stand up to hundreds of dollars a year on development fees. Website Builders on the other hand is the perfect solution for users with no coding knowledge.

With their WYSIWYG editors, as well as the drag-and-drop functionality, you see exactly how your website will look as soon as you edit it. This highly visual approach to a website makes website builders a clear option for users looking for a website quickly, effortlessly and with no coding experience.

TIP: It should also be noted that there is a growing number of website developers and designers who specialize in creating websites using website builders. You can use their services to speed-up the process of creation or assistance in adding extended features such as eCommerce and other integrations.

Bottom Line:
Got coding knowledge = wordpress
No coding knowledge = Website Builder…

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